Davines Treatment Pak..


I know the picture looks very ‘OFF’ don’t know what happened.. everything is crooked including the thick mask inside the bottle : |

The Nou Nou Pak is a nourishing repairing Mask made with Olive Butter for dry and brittle hair.
To use: Distribute evenly on towel dried hair and massage in gently. Comb through and leave it to work for 10-15mins then rinse out thoroughly.

From my limited experience on treatments and paks, they seem to work better when the hair is wrapped up in a towel or put under a steamer, both these methods keep the head/hair warmer and will help the cuticles open up, therefore allowing the treatment/pak to go into the surface of the hair adding more moisture to the hair.

Because I like my hair to be messy textured, dry and rougher feeling, I’m not the best reviewer on treatments and paks so I have not actually tried this product.