Davines Oil Non Oil..

Oil Non Oil #1


Conditioning, Anti-frizz formula. Gives shine and texture to the hair. Distribute evenly on wet hair, increasing quantity to get a wet look.

I have used this product and I find it works quite well, altho I’m not sure why I don’t use it more often? It might be becos of the runny consistency that I find it hard to apply on the hair, not sure, now that I think of it, yes, my hand is very small and to pour a liquid into it and then onto the hair is quite hard without spilling some or it running through my arm. But of the times I have used it, I found that on frizzy thick hair it actually tames the ‘beast’ quite well during the blow dry, the hair does seem to be softer and less frizzy. It reminds me I really should pick it up and use it more often.

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  1. Thanks Emily for your imput. I hope one day we can get to hear more of your views on the Davines Product line, it would be good to hear from an educators point of view.

  2. yes i use it all the time. i also am bothered by runniness, but i asked them about it and they said it compromized the product to put it in a spray bottle, it just wasnt working the same, cause they had to change it in order to make it "sprayable". its easy to forget about cause they have so many great products, especially the new volu stuff. but i always go back to it for a nice clean shiny blow dry that i can still cut into. you can also add the cement to it to make the hold stronger.

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