Curl Defining Cream ~ by Moroccan Oil



Its been a while since I have come across a curl product that I like.. but after trying this Curl Defining Cream by the company Moroccan Oil, I am now a huge fan.

The reasons why I like it are:

The texture of the cream is light and fluffy so its easy to distribute throughout the hair.

The shine from the cream continues throughout the whole of the hair length, something we rarely see with curly hair.

It dries softly but has enough hold on the curl.

Not too heavy.

I have just remembered that in all the occasions that I used it, there was only one clients that I did not like the result on, The top of the hair seemed to not have enough hold therefore falling flatter and there didn’t seem to be enough hold to keep the curls in place when I shook the hair out! This was only 1 head of hair out or maybe 60 others that I used it on, so not bad, it could’ve been that I didn’t apply enough on the top or whatever the reason, it was not enough to put me off using it.

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