Crazy Hair by ZGat Academy

‘Real fake’ is the name of this collection and boy did this collection really catch my attention. Combining Hair with some real artistic make up to create this ‘crazy’ fabulous set of pictures.

ZGat Academy is based in the City of Zagreb, Croatia. And here is a  excerpt take from their website because they deserve to be known for their fantastic work –

‘The mission of ZGat is to provide clients with creativity and top-quality service.

Implementing these elements through work and constant education make the basis of our team’s philosophy.

We believe in working with hair as an organic, living substance which changes and has its own individuality.

Each of our stylists and technicians are specialized in one particular service, and whether you are looking for precise haircut, adequate hair color, or simply an advice, they will help you choose the look that suits you best.

Our hair designs vary from symmetrical to asymmetrical cuts, with diversity of textures and vast number of hair colors.

We see our work as a part of world of fashion, and for the world to notice the beauty of shape, someone has to wear the haircut. Therefore the end result is always highly individual and depends on the person who wears it.

The cut and the color are artistic forms in themselves, and the individual gives them life and mobility, creating thus a new form of art…’