Cosmogony by Trevor Sorbie

Adam Szabo and Mai Ha from Trevor Sorbie UK, created these lovely fantasy styles for their latest collection named Cosmogony. Featured in ‘Behind the Chair’ magazine, I would like to share these very creative works of art with you.

Extract from magazine: (although I must admit I find the wording abit too airy fairy, sorry Trev )

‘This collection adds brand new words to the hairdressing vocabulary. Patchwork, Crevicing, Ridgeplay, Crenulation, Otherworldly and Geographic.  It stretches the limits and blurs the lines between hair and substance, reality and imagination. It reminds us that sometimes its best to destroy all that came before, and let the next era rise from the ashes. Because don’t forget, once upon a time, it all began with a single, mighty, big bang.’





Trevor sorbieUK3


Trevor sorbieUKAdamSzabo and MaiHa