Color for Men..

Heather English who works with us at Dekko Salon has been taking care of quite afew of our men who have not been too happy about their salt and pepper hair becoming too salty!!!

Goldwell’s Men ReShade is one of the latest launches in men’s hair color, Because of its easy application which is usually applied at the color bowl and with it being foam based, this makes the ReShade a quick no mess treatment to have.

Quite afew of my clients have been to Heather to try it and have been very happy with their results. I have also noticed that there is no harsh hard lines around the hairline and edges so it doesn’t look like a fake piece has been ‘plonked’ on top of the head : )

Heather added that it leave the hair much more natural looking than tints because it leaves the hair with a cool tone, and It is used for grey reduction and blending and NOT grey coverage! The result usually lasts about 4 – 5 weeks which is ideal to have to coincide with their haircuts. Also note that is washes away naturally and does not have a regrowth line.


Goldwell’s ReShade:



Other companies also have their own solutions but work on the same lines.. for example Redken Color Camo for Men, another quick easy option to camouflage the grey hair…




And just for your information, I managed to get a shot of a slightly crooked  color chart for Redken’s Color Camo to give you an idea of the color choices and shades, although I always think its best to leave it to your colorist to choose the shade, after all, they do know best! So guys – what are you waiting for? Oh and I forgot to mention it was also easy on the wallet too : )