Clippers versus Scissor Over Comb..

So what’s the difference and can you really tell?

The ongoing question that clients ask: Do you use the clippers or the scissor over comb technique? There is no right or wrong method to use but individual stylists have their own preferences and reasons behind using them, and clients too have a preference so there are some things that you might need to consider about both methods. Here I am going to outline the main basic differences between them, and trying my best not to favoritise !!

clippers Clippers technique:

1. Clipper haircuts done mainly in barbershops or fast moving salons.
2. Gives a blunter sharper look to short hair.
3. Follows the head shape so therefore is you have someone who doesn’t have a good head shape, this will show up more.
4. Fast to achieve, so more clients can be fit into the schedule.
5. Simple choices of clipper guards, depending on how short someone wants to go.


Scissor over comb technique:

1. Takes longer to achieve as the shape is being built up
2. Can be controlled more when working around strange head shapes or bumps on the head, as the weight can be built up separately to hide flaws as the comb does not need to follow directly onto the head shape.
3. Hairlines can be abit softer and natural looking, blending into the rest of the hair.
4. Most medium high end salons will use this technique, opting to use the clippers to cleans necklines and edges only.

OK, I know, I know, I’m definitely into the scissor over comb technique as I can tell the difference in most cases, I know its great for young kids who want the fade or military look but for me, I prefer a style to look more natural and to have a nicer head shape and build up and to be able to work in a more detailed manner rather than just whipping the hair off. Hey but each to their own!