Remington Airwave Dryer

Just read an article on this new hair dryer, It looked interesting enough altho I have never tried it.
Its the Remington Airwave. It has some weird tubular attachment to it that twirls the hair around while its drying. It claims to give you the look of messy beachy hair as in Gisele Bundchen or Blake Lively.

The instructions tell you to use product when the hair is damp and then split the hair up into 1″ sections, put each section into the tube and go up and down the piece of hair. The tube will swirl and twirl the hair around creating twisted pieces of hair. Once the whole head is complete and dry, you would then separate the sections to give it a fluffier look.

I guess my interest level is perked enough to go out and buy one (available in Drugstores for $30) just to try it out and give you a proper personal review, on Asian hair. Meanwhile if anyone has tried this leave us a comment.

Dekko Salon

I just want to say how great it is to be working in Dekko Salon with all the fab staff in there. And we have sooooooo many cool clients who come in and let me take their photos. This makes it all the more possible for me to be writing this blog with the help of our great stylists Jill, Joni, Jodi, Lucky and whoever else wants to help. Thank You girls……

And of course, lets not forget Claudia, tech support!