Travel Size Texture – Coming Soon!

Yay, after working on travel size bottles for over a year and a half, I think I can finally safely say that with the help of Todi in China, I have achieved my goal. It just goes to show you just have to plod on and on. Even when I went through 3 types of leaky bottles I have stayed patient and true and have now finally got my finished bottle sample and guess what? No leakage and works well with a little pump action.

If all goes to plan I will have them to sell on here within a month, Watch out for my news…

Oribe–Dry Texturizing Spray

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.36.11 PM

Another Oribe product to review, one of many, since they have around 42 products in their line, with another 5 brand new products since we at Dekko joined them 1 month ago…

I must admit that when I first used this product, two things struck me that I wasn’t too keen on..

1. The perfumed smell (I’m not usually one for having strong scents in hair products, its like battling with the body spray or perfume) and

2.The aerosol spray which seemed so strong, it felt like it was blowing the clients head off.

After using the more gentle Prive Texture Spray for many years this one felt abit too powerful when I first tried it, But after using it many times I have now got used to the perfume and the aerosol blast has softened out too and more importantly, I cannot deny that this product really works, it gives the hair TONS of body, big hair which my clients LOVE! Its also meant to be used as a dry shampoo that absorbs oils but I don’t find it  works too well in that department.

But if you want big hair with LOTS of body then you should check out this spray, its one of their top sellers so people are loving it.

My New Article for MHD – Scissors Versus Razors

I know I said I wasn’t writing anymore articles for the site but I came up with a good article idea to write about so once again I did my best to collect my visions to match my write up..

‘Scissors versus Razors’ give people lets people know the differences in the different techniques as well as helping clients know what to ask for when going off to the hairdressers.

Happy Reading….. Scissors Versus Razors, feel free to give it a ‘like’ on the page, Thanks.

Oribe–Maximista–Thickening Spray



We’ve just started carrying the new Oribe line at Dekko Salon and although I haven’t even begun to start using the whole line yet,  which consists of 42 products, I can honestly say I’ve found a new ‘favorite’ product already and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The Maxamista Thickening Spray really does work. Its not just used on fine hair to make it feel thick, I have used this on all different hair types, even thick hair that I didn’t think it would do anything to. To my amazement every time I have sprayed it onto medium to long hair, it makes the hair feel fuller and fluffier. It gives lots of body and keeps the hair feeling very light yet controlled and smooth.

Every single client that I have used this on during our testing period have LOVED it so much, they have rushed out to look for it. Particularly good when used on long fine hair with layers, talk about bigger hair!  I even used this on a guy with medium length hair and it made it look fuller and more controlled too.

And if you top it off with their Texturizing Spray (which I will do a separate review) you could end up with Big Texas hair if you want!

The only thing is, I know the words ‘thickening spray’ will put off people with medium to thick hair checking it out but it works really well on all textures with the control and smoothing factor so I hope people will give it a try despite the ‘thickening’ description.

Intense Curl Cream by MoroccanOil

Here’s one more review for the Morroccan Oil family, my update with the latest curly hair products. I mentioned to you earlier about my love for Moroccan Oil’s Curl Defining Cream, and although I still love it on people who prefer a softer more flexible hold on their curls, I have now found another one of their curl creams that I prefer more for an even more defined look.



The Intense Curl Cream is great for anyone who likes to feel abit more product in their hair, this cream is heavier and creates more definite waves/curls. The consistency of the cream is a lot thicker than the Curl Defining Cream therefore it helps to cling the ends of the hair together and doesn’t allow the frizz to come through on the ends. This one also brings shine through to the ends of the hair, so if you like some shine on your curls these products give you that. Ideal for people who prefer to leave their hair to dry naturally.

Apply by rubbing cream into your hands and then by working in into the hair, I tend to start at the middle lengths, ends then lastly the roots, so that there is not too much product on the roots. Then once the cream is worked in, you can twist the curls into more definite twirls before either diffusing or leaving to dry naturally.

I have to add that I have had a couple of clients who found this product to be too heavy on their hair, so they should definitely use the Curl Defining Cream instead, but for the rest of you, this product is definitely worth a try!

Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray

We have been using this line in Dekko Salon for quite some time now and so I have had time to play around with a lot of the products. I’m not usually a fan of hairspray as I usually prefer a texture spray at the end so that you can still move the hair around and I don’t normally like the stiff lacquered look that most hairsprays leave you with.

Anyway along comes this Moroccan Oil line and in with it is this Luminous Hairspray. It come in 2 strengths Medium Hold and Strong hold for however much hold you need. I have been using this spray on a lot of clients and what I find quite amazing about it is the fact the spray leaves the hair with a lot of shine, especially on long hair where usually the ends of the hair looks dry and over processed. It also allows you to move your hair around, as it is soft and flexible on the hair. No stickiness either!


Picture shows the strong and medium hold and one of the original packaging.

Extract taken from the Moroccan Oil brochure:

To use: Hold the can about 10inches form the hair and spray.. For extra volume, it can be sprayed on the roots before styling the hair. Can be brushed out easily without weighing down the hair and provides a reflective shield of sine that fights frizz and humidity.

Jaguar’s ‘Hot Scissors’!!

Not too sure about this one yet, I guess I need to use them to tell you exactly what I think, but anyway I just heard about these new ‘Hot’ scissors made by Jaguar. Basically you plug them in and they claim to seal the ends of the hair as it cuts and they can be warmed up to 310*F. So you would use less heat for finer hair and more heat for thicker hair.

The company made these scissors as well as a razor too:






So the claims are that if the hair is cut and sealed at the same time it would seal off the ends hence no more split ends! I pulled these pictures from the website to show you the difference in the ends if they work as they are meant to.The left is how a normal pair of scissors would leave your ends, and the right is meant to be the heated scissors! Anyway, with this one, you might need to tell me how this works if any of you have tried it.

The price of the scissors vary from $599 to $1,150..

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.20.34 PM

My New Packaging : )

 I’m very proud to present to you my new bottle packaging… Have been looking around for quite some time for a better applicator and was lucky enough to be introduced to this one by my manufacturer. Was lucky this time around and had no problems with printing of the bottles either.. must be on the right path!

Now,  Texture Powder Styler is even easier to apply, just simply lift up the hair at the roots and squeeze and pump the middle of the bottle, the powder dispenses evenly and finely onto the roots, in fact its so fine that you don’t even have to rub it into the hair like before….

Give yourself sexy hair with body and bounce or just don’t wash your hair so often and use the powder to absorb the oils instead.. visit us on our SHOP page for our new Roto Powder Pump Dispenser.

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