Renovo ~ Biotin Hairline Enhancer

Here’s a little video I made  recently. I’m not a pro with videos but I’ve been practicing and getting better. This one is for my latest product Renovo which launched a month ago and has been doing really well. These ‘before and after’ pictures of my clients are not photoshopped,  I took them myself and they have been put together over a period of 3 – 4 months,  these results are  all real. Check it out!

My new Tousle Surf Spray is here!!

I would like to introduce my new product – Tousle Surf Spray!

So what is a surf spray then? Its used to give the hair an unkempt tousled ‘been at the beach all day’ kind of look. It clumps the hair together to give a messier easy going texture.

So what makes ‘Tousle’ different? Tousle was developed to be light and airy with no rough feel and with some subtle shine.

As with all my other products, it’s #fragrancefree #parabenfree#nosodiumlaurylsulfate#nosodiumlaurethsulfate Pretty chuffed with this one, Enjoy it! Available now @dekkosalon or here on the Tousle page.

Package design by @magartland #newproduct #hairproducts#surfspray #beachyhair #truckload

My new PLUMP Volumizer is ready!

After a year of working with my favorite lab people, I’m happy to announce that my PLUMP volumizer is now finished and ready to go!

I knew what I wanted in a volumizer and after only 2 changes this time I got what I wanted.

Plump is a very light weight volumizer that gives fine to medium hair lots of ‘airy’ body in the hair. You can actually feel the difference and feel the fullness in the hair. The good thing about Plump is if you also spray it through to the ends, rather than just concentrating on the roots only, it allows the ends to achieve a rounder wave that holds the ends in a fuller bend. Chuffed with this one, Love it and so are my clients!


Plump is currently available from and right here in the SHOP page, unfortunately Plump is not yet available for International shipping, but are working on it.

Dyson Hair Dryer

The internet is buzzing about the new Dyson Hairdryer at the moment, invented by Sir James Dyson, the British designer and engineer.

Excerpt taken from

‘Dyson’s long-awaited “silent” hair dryer, unveiled in April, is powered by a small, light motor that makes it quieter and more compact than current appliances

Dyson said there were 103 engineers involved in the creation of the Supersonic, which included the taming of over 1,010 miles of human hair tresses and 7,000 acoustic tests as teams tackled three core issues: noise, weight and speed.’

I have yet to try it, and have been waiting for the reviews to come in, I came across this little video which I thought was hilarious, and it certainly beats the video used to promote the dryer with a woman drying her hair carelessly while sat on a bed with a leather headboard! (like we all do dry our hair like that)

This video say ‘powerful enough to blow your lips open’ Haha!

Meanwhile, heres a guide of the Best hair Dryers in 2017 as reviewed by

The Best Hair Dryer

Happy Birthday Vidal

Vidal Sassoon would’ve turned 88 today… I cherish the years I worked in that company, I’m so lucky to have had my start and my strong foundations given to me by them, without them I would not have been able to just pick up my scissors and comb and go travel the world and work at the same time. My training is so valuable and enabled me to be free in my adventures and to be able to share the knowledge I picked up from them with many other hairstylists looking for that same strong foundation.

Happy Birthday to the ultimate Master Cutter, the stylist who revolutionized women’s hairstyle and gave them to freedom of wash and wear. Thank You <3


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.17.49 PM

An potential opportunity for Texture Powder Styler : )

We just put this package together of my Texture Powder Styler to present to a HUGE company, I wont mention which one yet in case I jinx it, but someone in there liked it enough to take it further… Will let you all know how it goes. I now put it out there to the universe and I will now release and let go of all expectations, what will be will be : )  Huge Thanks to my friends who helped me get this together in such a short time xoxo

Welcoming some good fortune, keep yours fingers and toes crossed for me..

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 6.59.21 PM


Introducing ‘Bounce’ My new Curl Cream!

It’s finally here!! My curl cream is now selling @dekkosalon but soon to be here on my blog. If you’ve been looking for a curl cream that not only has shine but hold as well, then this is the cream for you. After a year of development, we finally created it to hold even the coarsest wavy hair in place ie. mine.

This product is a reliable curl cream with enough hold for day 2 or 3, I’m so proud to be able to share it with you all..

A huge shout out to Randi Hoffman for being my very first Bounce customer ‪:)

#curlcream #shinewithhold #bounce

Hair Twister

Walked into H&M the other day and came across this contraption for the hair. We’ve all seen and played with the round donut types but this one is a simple long sponge twister, perfect for anyone who wants a bun at the nape of the neck.

Maybe you’ve all seen and played with this one too, I think its just me who’s abit out of touch with what’s selling out there nowadays but here it is for anyone interested..


Full simple instructions as to how to use it, Viola! Cheap and Cheerful too!