RENOVO Biotin Hairline Enhancer


Its been a while since I’ve shown you some ‘Renovo Biotin Hairline Enhancer’ results, so let’s back to what this exciting product can do!

It’s been more difficult for me to monitor clients results closely since the pandemic as I don’t get to see people on a regular schedule.
So instead of my usual 1, 2 and 3 month results, these pics of my client shows the results of both sides of the hairline over a course of a year.
Hairlines thin out and this can happen to any of us for a number of reasons – age, health, stress and heritage. These factors all affect how the hairline and hair reacts. We can try to remedy this by de-stressing our lives OR taking vitamins, but in reality, we can only do so much to help.
I created Renovo because my own hairline on one side started receding and thinning. I wanted something topical that could be applied directly to the problem area. From my own results and all the results that I have shown you in my feed, you can see that most (80%) of women have seen a significant change in the density.
Some will find it hard to see the progress and may even think its not working on them, this is why its so important to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, only when you compare the area 3 to 6 months later will you see how well nourished and full your hairline has become.
Can be used along with Biotin supplements.
All my non professional pictures are taken my me and are untouched and show real people with real results.
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