Renovo ~ Biotin Hairline Enhancer

Here’s a little video I made  recently. I’m not a pro with videos but I’ve been practicing and getting better. This one is for my latest product Renovo which launched a month ago and has been doing really well. These ‘before and after’ pictures of my clients are not photoshopped,  I took them myself and they have been put together over a period of 3 – 4 months,  these results are  all real. Check it out!

Alexa Chung in San Francisco ..

For those of you who don’t know who Alexa is, I should introduce her first as MTV presenter, Presenter of Award Shows, Model, Fashion Icon, and now designer with Madewell for her own line. Alexa has been a clothing and hair icon of mine for quite a number of years now and for those who follow my blog, know that I have written afew articles on her.

Anyway, I found out that she was going to be in San Francisco at the launch of her own line for Madewell and figured I really should try and go to this event and see if there would be an opportunity to give her one of my Texture hair product. I ended up shuffling my schedule around at work and got my partner in crime Claudia to come along with me.


We arrived to find the longest Q to actually get into the shop! We joined that line and stood around with all the young chickies that were all dressed like mini Alexa’s! I have to admit it was quite disturbing for us to be two of the oldest fans in line!!! But hey ho, all in the name of business. Luckily we were in the store in under half an hour.

I have to say I did not even really look at the clothes due to all the people in there, but Claudia and I managed to easily spot the Jammie Dodgers (biscuits from the UK) as well as mini Crunchies (Yumm)

Some pics from the event:

Anyway, after standing around feeling awkward and stalker-like for a while, ( Oh and I have to add that Alexa was gorgeous and looked so stylish, as usual, and she wore a pair of cute boots from her collection 😉 Claudia and I knew we would have to be forceful to get past all these young girls patiently waiting for their photos and autographs. It took us about 20mins to find that one second break when no one else was stepping forward and off we went.

Not only did we get our little chat with Alexa, but we got a fan-picture (well, I did anyway, Thanks to Claud for opting to be photographer instead) and I managed to gift her with my Texture Powder Styler, and to top it off was even more delighted when she was so happy to receive it : )

All in all, we felt good that our Mission was accomplished and we did what we set out to do even though it gave us palpitations to become a stalker for a night! So now I’ll have to go back sometime to do the serious shopping part!

Here’s my fan picture..


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UPS Sucks…..

A whole long week of phone calls, frustration and disappointments : (

UPS failed to deliver my Juju Chan Texture Powder Styler to the Cannes Film Festival event in time which meant I lost out completely!!!

Their excuse? No such person by that name – Not True, and concierge wouldnt accept it – ??

I did everything possible to try to have it delivered on time, even staying up till the early hours to call UPS France, and calling them every single day for a week, but no such luck.

It has taken them 8 days after I mailed the package to finally get a manager to speak to me and this made it even worse, not their fault, no refund, pay $500 to get the products back, there’s nothing they can do. I shouldve stuck to speaking to the supervisors and others who at least had sympathy and admitted this was a UPS error. Thanks so much Henry Maltez for being such a prat.

If I wasnt so exhausted with it all, I would continue to fight but what the hell, I need to let go and move on, (which I know is exactly what they wanted me to do)

I just have one thing to say to UPS – If you dont know how to go about delivering International packages, dont offer the service!! Simple as that!
And dont pick on the small companies, wear them out, just becos you can, that just SUCKS!

Saddest part about this whole thing.. I wasted time on the phone to UPS when I shouldve been spending quality time with my visiting family members, so sorry for that.

Thanks for letting me vent..

Maggie Cheung – Asian Goddess..

I’ve been dying to share this post with you on Maggie Cheung (Man Yuk), one of my all time favorite Asian actresses. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Maggie, she has been in a lot of movies, a few being ‘In the Mood for Love’, ‘Irma Vep”’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Clean’.


I had the pleasure in working with Maggie once in Los Angeles, (as well as the gorgeous Michael Wong) for an Ericsson commercial. I just happened to be lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, just as they were casting for the HK ad campaign, (which turned out to be so successful, it was cited as a case study in the Harvard Business Review). I was hired to do the hair for the main actors including Maggie and Michael and a couple of other Asian American actors. This was such a surprise for me as I was hired before I found out who I would be working on. Initially it was meant to be Gong Li, who had trouble getting her work permit fast enough so it ended up being Maggie instead, much to my delight.


Memories of the commercial:

View Commercial
I found her to be charming and lovely as well as a little mischievous as she kept fluffing her hair to make it more ‘punky’ while the directors of Ericsson kept telling me to ‘calm it down’. She also told me that she’d always wanted to be a hairdresser and even applied to work at Sassoon’s while living in the UK, luckily for her, she didn’t get in, and the rest as you know, is history!
View Commercial 2
I also found this shoot to be quite challenging as Maggie’s hair was permed into a tight afro look at the time, so my first challenge for the first scene was to flatten and calm it all down into a slicked look!! A fantastic 3 day shoot in Malibu at a gorgeous house, great fun memories. And I must say Thank’s to both Maggie and Michael for their hand written referrals to put towards my green card application to come to the US.

View Commercial 3

While on the subject of Maggie Cheung, I’ve put together a slideshow of some of her looks that I love.. Enjoy!


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Oscars 2011 Press Release

Styleshopusa Debuts JUJUChan Powder Styler at 15th Annual Pre-academy Awards Ultimate Beauty Suite


StyleshopUSA debuts the new JUJUChan Texture Powder Styler at the Pre-Oscars Style Lounge 2011 in their VIP Gift Bags. StyleshopUSA are best known for selecting the next handful of up and coming luxury and emerging brands.





PRLog (Press Release)Mar 06, 2011 – StyleshopUSA showcases for the second time this year, the new JUJUChan Texture Powder Styler at the Pre-Oscars Style Lounge 2011 in their VIP Gift Bags.

StyleshopUSA are best known for selecting the next handful of up and coming luxury and emerging fashion & beauty brands. They have selected JUJUChan for their Luxury Eco Chic Style Lounge teaming up with Veteran Gift Lounge & PR specialist Roger Neal at their Hollywood Oscar Beauty Suite which kicked off February 21st at the beautiful Beverly Hills, L’Hermitage Hotel. Celebrity Stylists, Press, Media, Celebrities and VIP’s enjoyed four days of product sampling from Roger Neal’s Ultimate Style Hollywood Oscar Beauty Suite and viewed Luxury Couture Fashion for Red Carpet Nominees, and VIPs by StyleShopUSA featuring International Couture designer s Addy Van Den Krommenacker and Rubina Anjum.
**JuJu Chan Texture Powder Styler retails for $28, and comes in shades of Blonde and Brunette and tjhis dry shampoo texture Styler is perfect for any busy celebrity travel schedule when there’s not enough time to wash the hair! Sophia Milos CSI, and Bollywood Stars Mallika Sherewat and Fagun Thakrur, TV Guide Host Carly Steele, and Beverly Hills Courier Host Tamara Henry were all thrilled with the gifts. With our busy schedules said Mallika, this little dry powder is the perfect thing! Products can be found online at
Other guests who received the gift bag included OSCAR NOMINEES FROM TRUE GRIT, TOY STORY 3, Maria Canals Barrera, Randy Newman, Nadia Bjorlin,Candace Cameron, Steven Tyler American Idol , Bollywood star Udita Goswami, Maria Conchita Alonso, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Tia Carrere, Wedil David, Oscar Nominee Roger James for True Grit, Greg Ellis,Nathalie Faye, Kate Flannery, Richard Gant, Mark Whalberg, Leeza,Mark Hamill, William Shatner, George Hamilton, Alana Stewart,Kelly Hu, Ernie Hudson,Lorenzo Lamas, Ed Lauter, Jennifer Lewis, Angela Bassett,Madsion Leslie, Sofia Milos, Tamara Mowry, Kelly Monaco, Elise Neal,Jeryl Prescott Sales, Oscar Nominee 2008 Francesco Quinn, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Eric Roberts, Will Sasso,Tom Everett Scott, Caterina Scorsone, Judi Shekoni from the new Twilight Breaking Dawn, The Sitaution, Fivel and Boo Boo Stewart, Amber Stevens, Miles Teller from Rabbit Hole, Bella Thorne, Nadine Velasques, Patrick Warburton, Vanessa Williams, Sean Young,Shelby Young, Brenda Song, to name a few
* The first day, the Lounge was closed down in the morning for Steven Tyler and his wife to receive his private beauty treatments. He received a JUJUChan Gift Bag – which he loved – perfect for every rock and roller on the go!! with not time to wash hair. This unique product when rubbed into the scalp adds volume and texture to otherwise limp hair.
The RNSH Academy Award Ultimate Beauty suite ran Feb 21 – 24th 2011 at the L’ Ermitage Hotel in the Garden Suites from 9:30 am 8:00 pm daily , Beverly Hills, CA. Stars were pampered with beauty treatments as they prepared for their big night. World-renowned G.M. Collin Skincare Paris gave $10,000.00 beauty treatments in the suite which included: Phyto Stem Cell + collection in conjunction with the Derm Renewal Clinical Peel and Algomask. G.M. Collin has the perfect solution for all the celebrities skin care needs.
Meanwhile, hot from dressing Celebrities for TV and Red Carpet for the Oscars, StyleshopUSA are already preparing for the Cannes Film Festival Style Lounge and will be presenting JuJu Chan again at their Preview-Cannes Party Reception to be held in Los Angeles on April 5th – 10th, and then in Cannes, May 17 – 25, 2011.
For more details on JUJUChan Texture Styler
t: 323 466 3227

Oscars 2011


StyleshopUSA debuts the new JUJUChan Texture Powder Styler at the Pre-Oscars Style Lounge 2011 in their VIP Gift Bags . StyleshopUSA are best known for selecting the next handful of up and coming luxury and emerging brands. They have selected JUJUChan for their Luxury Eco Chic Style Lounge teaming up with Veteran Gift Lounge & PR specialist Roger Neal at their Hollywood Oscar Beauty Suite kicking off February 20th at the beautiful Beverly Hills, L’Ermitage Hotel. Stylists, Press, Media, Celebrities and VIP’s will be able to enjoy four days of product sampling from Roger Neal’s Style Hollywood Oscar Beauty Suite and Luxury Couture Fashion for Red Carpet Nominees, and VIPs by StyleShopUSA featuring International Couture designer Addy Van Den Krommenacker. StyleshopUSA officially begins it’s Style Lounge tomorrow, but gave out JuJuChan Gift bags today.

Guests were handed a cute Gift Bag containing blonde or brunette Texture Powder Styler including epic rock legend Steven Tyler, who today closed down the Beauty Style Lounge for a relaxing beauty routine. TV Presenter, Tamara Henry was very pleased with hers! She’s hosting “Night of a 100 Stars” on Oscar Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Tamara is the new host for Beverly Hills Courier TV, and is seen here wearing a gown by Addy van den Krommenacker, at the StyleShopUSA Style Lounge.

Juju Chan at Sundance Film Festival 2011


Mary-Kate Olsen

SUNDANCE 2011 – 100 CELEBRITY PORTRAITS & | News Photo Gallery — Sundance: 100 Portraits and Poses at the FENDER STYLE LODGE:

Kicking off the New Year just right, that’s Jules Chan debuting her fantastic new miracle product JUJU CHAN Texture Powder Styler made for dark and light hair colors. This amazing new product is one that you are going to want to keep in your handbag at all times! Celebrities, Press & Media at the Fender Lodge, Sundance Film Festival were given these products in their VIP Gift Bags – and the verdict? amazing!! Fashion Stylist Phu Styles who ran the Lodge said “with the fast pace we are working under , we don’t even have time to wash our hair, and this product has come in very useful during my stay here!” In a small 8″ plastic bottle, this miracle powder is one you won’t want to leave home without whether traveling, a weekend away, or a sudden appointment, or interview, or night out “its a miracle powder”.

Not surprisingly, the many musicians and talent who showed up such as 50Cent, Guns and Roses, David Leitch and many more, to jam, sing, play along, or watch were truly grateful for this little wonder bottle in their Gift Bags. Celebrities such as, Rachel Leigh Cook all received a bottle of JUJUCHAN for their particular hair shade in their gift bags. Other celebrities who attended the Lodge were: Actor Don Cheadle Terrell Owens Tommy Lee Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Liv Tyler. Greys Anatomy Star, Jesse Williams + more (view photo gallery above)

This modern Powder Styler not only gives flat, clean or dirty hair lift and texture, it also acts as a ‘dry shampoo’ by absorbing all the excess oils so that your hair can last an extra day or two, looking fresh and fluffy. Texture Powder Styler comes in 2 shades (Light and Dark) to cover all hair shades from Blonde to Black.

JUJUChan®Texture Powder Styler
A Product Line Designed With Asian Hair In Mind for All Hair Types

While I strive to be as natural as possible with all the products and ingredients, it is important to me to establish a line of styling products that really work well. I have used as many natural ingredients as possible while retaining the effectiveness of each product in my line.

Jules is already getting ready for her next debut appearance at the pre-Oscars Style Lounge in Hollywood. February 20 – 22nd 2011.

Sundance Film Festival..

You know, I just felt the need to share this with you, even though I dont actually have anything to share other than words!! But anyway, my first product – Juju Chan’s TEXTURE Powder Styler just ended up in the goody bags at the Sundance Film Festival!!! Woo Hoo, I was sooo excited.

They were placed at The Fender Music Lodge where celebs go to hang out, drink, play guitar and pick up free goodies, not a bad life eh? So hopefully some of these celebs will take one of my products to try out and love it so much they talk about it.. wishful thinking : )

So Thank You to Jane at StyleZoneTV for making this all happen, even when I gave up, thinking I was too late, and Thanks to my friend Claudia for all her help acting as my right hand woman.
If I hear anything else I’ll let you know about it.

Here’s a link I just got from the first Press Release:Sundance & JujuChan