Hairstyles for Guys ~ Part 1

It amazed me to find out recently that a huge % of my blog readers are guys looking for guys cuts and colors,  I’m always on the look out for great men’s hairdo’s to satisfy my readers as much as I can. So now courtesy of Hyphen Magazine (Asian American Mag) they did a whole article on cool cuts on Asian hair which I  would  like to share with you. In fact there was so many that I have decided to split them into 3 sections so you can check them out at your own rate… If you’d like to find out more about Hyphen, check them out! Thanks Hyphen.










Dekko’s Photo Shoot

Its been quite some time since we updated our website photos and I have to admit, it shows! So we finally got our act together after 8 years and arranged for another shoot to brighten up our slide show on our site.

We asked our last photographer Rob (Robert Herrick)  if he would be interested in helping us out again and to our delight he was up for it. Since our last shoot Rob has become quite a’ hot shot’ photographer so we were honored when he said he enjoyed the last one so much that we could count him in again.

We asked all 10 of our stylists at Dekko to participate to help find models and to donate haircuts and color time, we decided to use as many clients as possible instead of going out hiring professional models which turned out to be the best idea because Dekko’s clients ROCK!  Most of the stylists/salon support team came together and we came up with 10 models to show some salon looks that clients could relate to.

Elaine (Elaine Fujii) the make up artist which we worked with did some fabulous looks with the help of Wendi our receptionist when the other make up artist dropped out. Considering she had so many models to do on her own, we want to give her a big shout out for being such a sport.

All in all, the day turned out to be a really enjoyable smooth shoot, one of the smoothest I’ve ever been on in fact, apart from the couple of unexpected snafu’s everything went as planned and I can honestly say the people who took part that day had a fab time, so a huge Thanks to the stylists who came and of course to Wendi, Sarah and Zoie, our salon support who were great and worked the 12 hour day without a moan or groan. (well maybe just one)

This turned out to be a day that showed how teamwork really should be, with everyone helping each other with the models and I must say I was very pleased with it all. Anyway, So I’d like to share some fun pictures of behind the scenes on the day and the prep time.Stay tuned for when the real pics will be revealed to all…

Chloe getting primped and braided by Nikki and Jill, Gorgeous color by Heather:Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.28.12 PM

Nikki hamming it up with model Marcella, make up by Elaine, Brian looking everso handsome, Rob shooting Brian with Zoie photo bombing, Marcella’s lovely cut and color by Nikki, Brian haircut by Scott, color by Lucky:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.33.11 PM

Gorgeous Kerina ,Haircut and perm set (inspired by Bradley Cooper’s hair in American Hustle) by me, with the help of Jodi and Scott, Color by Nikki:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.40.31 PM

The boys – Rob shooting Brian, haircut/beard by Scott, Luke waiting, haircut by Scott, Blake’s haircut and color by Zoie:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.44.25 PM

Zoie blow drying Aisling’s hair, Haircut by me, Highlights by Jodi, Make up artist Elaine and Wendi hard at work:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.52.16 PM

Model Shawn, having make up done, neat hair, me capturing moments and messy hair, Haircut by me, Vibrant color by Jodi:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.55.41 PM

Scott blow drying Esther’s hair, Haircut by Jill, Excellent Color and Brazilian Blowout by Lucky, with help from Jodi. Neat and messy looks. Sneak Peak of what’s to come:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 7.00.40 PM

Razor Faded Pompadour ~ one for the boys

I came across this cool video showing Schorem Barber Shop from the Netherlands doing a fabulous Razor Faded Pompadour, very talented indeed, I thought you boys would like it, I must say it’s so nice to see some cool hair for men for a change.  I will keep you posted of any other videos they may have for you boys to check out..


Description from their FB page which has over 51,000 ‘likes’…
‘Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier is a men only old school barbershop specialized in traditional haircuts and hot towel straight razor shaves.’


Green Hair Fad?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Green Hair around lately, Is this the next craze or something? Anyone else liking it or do you, like me, think green is a tad too over board? Don’t get me wrong, I love all different hair colors but for some reason, Green is a hard one to like..

Maybe my problem with the Green began when I actually had green extensions in my hair while I was living in Hong Kong. (I must’ve thought it was OK then, to actually have them) Anyway that was when I used to teach hairdressing to local hair students, one of them came up to me one day and said..’Missy, did you know that if you have green in your hair, it means that you’re a lady of the night’!!!! Ah ha, no wonder I had been getting funny looks, I was giving off signs that I was available for the night..Well, out came those extensions right away, and I’ve never looked at green hair the same way!

Anyway I did manage to find and pull up afew green locks that I actually DO like, that don’t make them look like swampy green monsters, even though I have a sneaky suspicion a couple of these could be photo shopped!





Fudge's new shades




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Dekko’s Daily Grind..Trac

My client Trac is constantly changing his hair up, he goes from long to short and back to long again in no time. After wearing his hair on the longer messier side for quite some time, Trac decided he wanted to try something abit neater and more groomed looking – as in the 30’s Clark Cable look.

Here’s Trac when he came in:


We used the razor to give his  course Asian hair abit more softness and movement, even though we knew we would be combing it back, we still wanted the hair to move around more so it would be easier for him to style. During the haircut we were aware not to cut the hair too short that it would be too stiff to style, we left it all slightly longer than we would have with fine soft hair. It was then styled using Cool Grease (a styling product from Japan that is water based but leaves the hair looking slightly wet but doesn’t look stiff like gel does). The hair was then combed back into place and left to dry.



The funny thing about this haircut was that Trac did not tell us he was having his hair cut for his wedding afew days later until after we finished cutting it! It’s a bloody good job it came out really well and went with his wedding outfit perfectly! Talk about being casual about it! Congratulations Trac!

Kurt Kueffner gives a good Shave and a Haircut…

Came across these strong looking images from American Salon magazine and figured it was about time I did a post for the boys!

Kurt Kueffner is a men’s barber/groomer/entrepreneur. In a time when men are looking for more than your old barber shop 5minute haircut but then are not ready to step into the beauty salon where lots of women are scary looking with their foils in the hair, we have the modern type Barber Shops. Kurt opened his Barber shop alongside David Raccuglia, named MENSDEPT. in Minneapolis and since then he has built a reputation for his great men’s work as well as their own product  line.

I took afew of his haircuts from their latest collection to show you some fabulous strong work where Kurt was influenced from a very young age by the traditional Barber techniques from the past.

You have to admit, these guys look ‘Sharp”’!







And here’s a picture of the modern day Barber Shop just because  I love the way it looks…. for more info on their barber shop and work check out MENSDEPT. and next time your in Minneapolis for business, maybe you should stop by..



Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Brian by Scott

Scott Klassen from Dekko has been cutting Brian’s hair for many years and have come up with some great looks but this one is my absolute favorite! Shaven very short through the sides, the top remains longer and hanging over to one side in a very definite precise line. This style and variations of it has a been very popular in Europe and over here different variations can be seen on Joe Jonas and Win Butler of Arcade Fire.


Lots of background info on this ‘do’ but before we get too carried away with all the info, here’s Brian sporting his ‘undercut’… Thanks Brian, and Thanks to Sarah from Dekko for the great pictures with her choice of psychedelic background!










Lots of controversy surrounding the name of this haircut. To be honest with you, most would just call it an ‘undercut’ but hipsters have been known to go into salons/barber shops asking for the’ Hitler Youth’ haircut, (and No, Brian did not come in asking for it) which of course would cause a whole load of concern especially as more and more guys are asking for this new hip look. I don’t like to get caught up with some people’s concern’s of what they think is displaying fascism through a hairstyle, to me it’s a look – modern edgy and new for men, recreated and modernized from the 20’s and 30’s style that men used to wear all the time (Think Gary Grant or Clark Gable). Its great that men can finally have some fun with their hair despite what people choose to call it and associate with it.


For an interesting read on the topic, here’s an article I found interesting..


Comb-overs and all…

Is this look really better than taking it all off? Still cant understand why men wear it this way.. what about a windy day?




And while were talking about windy… Why does Donald Trump insist on wearing his hair like the toupee look? I mean this is what happens..