Dekko’s Daily Grind- Nora

Here’s to showing you some more daily work from Dekko Salon.

Nora comes to Dekko whenever her daughter is in town, she lives quite far away so its always a good excuse for a day out.

Nora’s hair has natural wave to it, so if the haircut is cut in a basic way, the hair becomes quite unruly and kicks out wherever it can. When we cut the hair, we try to work with the waves and movements as much as possible, so that we can tame the unruliness. Because of so much movement we also have to be careful how much tension is used when holding the sections. If too much tension is used, the hair will jump to its original position, therefore very easy to leave holes and short areas in the haircut.

Here’s Nora before the haircut:

You can see all the swirls in her hair, so now the trick was to tame it and therefore making the haircut last longer as it will lay better during the grow out.

After haircut:

Thanks alot Nora…..your gorgeous with or without swirls!

Pregnancy Hair….

Wanted to write a short article explaining what happens to hair during and after having a baby. (as witnessed by me over the years)

I would to make myself clear in saying that I am speaking ‘in general’ as these things do not happen to all women and sometimes nothing happens at all. You just cant explain what hormones will or will not do to a person ……

You’ve heard about how a woman ‘blossoms’ during her pregnancy, and this is partly due to her healthy hair and skin. Usually during pregnancy the hair becomes thick, fast growing and shiny.

After the baby is born, with some women this is when the hair starts to thin and hair loss happens around the front hairline… but most of the time this doesn’t happen until after breast feeding is finished, during this period the hair around the hairline can fall out causing a slightly thinner looking hairline,especially around the temples. And no your hairdresser did not cut it off!! (I’ve also heard this accusation too) It does eventually grow back, but not before you have that tough period of trying to hide or slick down those short stray hairs, In extreme cases the whole front hairline can end up falling out, I have seen such cases and it is always advisable after it has grown back out abit, to cut some kind of cute fringe in, so that it looks like it ‘meant to be’!

Here is Mina, who’s baby is now 18months old, she came to me with her hair all thin and wispy, the front area had started coming back but was still in its wispy stage.

We decided to cut her hair shorter so we could make it look thicker, and to bring the sides and front area much shorter to make it look more of a definite shape. We also brought out the waves more by drying it with a diffuser using a curl activating product.

Dekko’s Daily Grind- Stephanie

Punky in Pink:

Stephanie has been a client of mine for over 10 years and she’s one of those dream clients that is up for anything and is willing to try anything once, so over the years I have managed to have a lot of fun with all different types of haircuts.

One thing that has been consistent with Stephanie is her now signature pink hair, again varying from full head pink to slices of pink, expertly done by Jodi Ninomiya from Dekko.

Always one to stand out in a crowd, her only problem being trying to hide it when going into meetings or going to China!!

Here’s Stephanie with her overgrown locks…

We decided this time to get rid of the length at the back, bring the layers up so that she could get a lot more height and messiness. The hair was razored throughout to give a lot of texture, we kept the hair slightly asymmetric as it already was from a previous haircut. This time we decided to give her a more definite fuller fringe. Stephanie likes to play around with her hair and do allsorts with it, so we kept the shape abit more basic but defined this time so there was more hair to play with. We used a hell of a lot of combined products to give Stephanie her messiness!!

After haircut:

To see Stephanie’s fabulous creativity and other hair looks visit:

Dekko’s Daily Grind- Laura

I would like to share some more before and after stuff from Dekko’s Daily work. Here’s Laura with her long hair. Shes been wearing it longer for quite some time now and wanted to have abit of a change. She works in a professional environment so we wanted to keeps things looking abit cleaner but with a fresher more modern look.

We decided to give Laura the new ‘now’ length, that just skims the shoulder enabling it to flip whenever it wanted. We gave her a much more definite fringe that framed the face more, rounding off at the edges, so the softness followed through to the length. We used scissors to cut the hair but chopped into the ends for more movement.

Thanks to Laura for posing for me!

Dekko’s Daily Grind- Lisa

Would like to share some more daily Dekko before and after work with you !

Here’s Lisa with her grown out hair. The last haircut she had was when she had it cut into a pixie haircut and it was all about 2inches all over. Lisa now decided to grow it out abit, but while it had some length to it, it had also become very bulbous looking, with way too much weight throughout the head.

Sorry this picture looks so passport like Lisa!

Anyway, we decided that we should try and keep the length as much as possible but to thin it out using a razor to create a softer look and make it look abit more updated. We tool the mullet off the back, kept the length at the front and switched partings for a change.

Lisa’s new look after the haircut. Styles with Davines Defining Invisible Paste before drying.
Thanks a lot Lisa!

Dekkos Daily Grind – Minnie

I would like to share some of the work we do on a daily basis in Dekko salon. Here’s a before and after client.

Minnie came in and was fed up of her long hair, she needed to look more professional as she was going to be practicing Law. She also needed to be able to loosen it up a bit after work, so she wanted to be given a versatile look that she could play around with.



Here’s Minnie before the haircut.

We decided to cut the hair to jaw level and because her hair is quite fine we graduated the back so it would lift the hair up and make it appear thicker. The ends were chopped into to give the hair more movement and then we gave her a more definite fringe to make the look stronger.

The look of a lawyer!

After applying some extra hair products we gave her a more casual messy look.
Thanks Minnie.


For Minnie’s look, the hair was cut using scissors, her hair was too fine to use other tools such as the razor or thinning scissors. All the edges were cut with texture with no blunt lines, this is to create softness rather than a hard look.


For the neat look Prive Weightless Amplifier was used.


And for the messy look we used Prive Texture Spray.

Becoming Blonde


They said it couldn’t be done.. going from jet black hair to blonde. Here’s Joni to show you how she did it with a little help from her colorist Jodi Ninomiya, 8 applications and a whole lot of patience!!

Starting with Jet Black hair….

to swampy colors….

Gone is the green, just a lovely shade of orange…

A lovely beige tone….

Finally… Blonde!!!!!


Just one more thing that is needed….. a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude, because no matter how carefully its done, some of your hair WILL fall out, but hey who said beauty doesn’t come with some loss!!!


Stylists tips:

When considering bleaching your hair, remember the more red you have in your hair, the harder it will be to lift, and when hair has had black or brown tints applied, it has to be stripped first, so make sure the hair is strong enough to handle all the chemicals before you start. Even stripping of the hair first will not guarantee an even end result. Also if you don’t want a yellow/orangey tone to your hair, don’t forget to tone, toners are very important after bleaching to give you a more pleasing result, please consult your colorist before trying it, it will result in alot less heartache.