This post has been LONG overdue for me.. I have been meaning to write this post for over a year now and with sooo many distractions along the way, and the fact that I honestly thought I would make a video for you of how to quickly braid your hair, but now I realize that video is just not gonna happen so then I had to do this post without it.. about bloody time I hear you say, its been over and been back in fashion again : /
So, of course, the trend was everso popular with the celebs who was sporting them all of last year, the look was fresh and cute so I think we all caught onto it fast. Everything from side braids to Heidi braids were everywhere. Here are some of my favorites with the celebs that were showing it off.
Here we have Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba..


And Gwen Stefani and Diane Kruger..


Of course the catwalks had their fair share of braids too, here is my own special favorite that I even tried out myself once.. me, who doesn’t ever do anything with the hair!


Braids my fave


And more from the catwalks last year..


So of course with Catwalks and Celebs doing it, that was our cue for us normal human beings to be doing it too, so everywhere we looked there they were.. But I have to admit that even though this post is over a year overdue, have you noticed that its still out there isn’t it? Which means it was a good long lasting trend that not only is simple to do but is good to look at and is a practical way of getting the hair out of the way : )
So to finish off here’s afew regular but still beautiful people wearing Braids in their hair..