Bob – Hip or Mumsy?

What makes a Bob look hip and cool and what makes it look mumsy?

This one has always been a tough one for me, the number of times a client comes in asking for a Katie Holmes or a Nicole Ritchie and expect to look like them is beyond me. Women want bobs but most don’t want to look mumsy,(or like a soccer mum) so what can be done about it?

After alot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that if the client really wants to try it anyway, it really depends on a couple of factors and afew are dependant on whether the clients understands she needs to make some effort:

1. Whether the haircut has been done in a flattering but funky way,i.e., to suit the face shape with good angles, and whether its been cut to give movement throughout the ends.This does not necessarily mean lots of choppy layers either. Helps big time if your hairstylist understands the difference too.

2. Whether the clients facial features can carry it off without making them too old and stuffy, which bobs can tend to do. This is a tricky area but if a client tends to look abit older then the bob WILL look a little mumsier. Make up will help… as seen on Katie Holmes when she debuted her bob with the dark smokey eyes.

3. How the client dresses can affect the way the bob is perceived. If they are running going around in sweats all the time, then yes, the bobs going to look mumsier.

4. And lastly, how it is dried and worn, If the bob is stiff with no movement then that’s how it will come across,whereas funkier layers and movement can be accentuated with products or a flat iron.

We’ve all seen bobs we’ve liked and ones we don’t like ,so I pulled afew examples of ones that I feel would show the differences in what I am trying to say, hopefully this will give you all an idea to see for yourselves.

From the above pictures you can see even without me pointing out, that one of the things missing in the 2nd row is movement, all the hair is stiff (with or without layers), whereas the top row has movement, fun and even with a one length bob, it can look hipper!

Hey but with all that said, its only hair and it grows back if you don’t like it, so if you haven’t had short hair and want to try it, go ahead.. Eva Longoria did!

Evas bob

You tell me what row you would put her in?

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  1. You'll be fine, whichever way you go. Cant imagine you ever looking frumpy or having a bob that is stiff either. You'll be fine with Joni too.

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