Bleaching for texture?

Some may think this is an extreme way to get some texture into your hair, but for those with the most straight stubborn hair who like messy punky hair, its worth thinking about. Especially if you don’t want to have any kind of perm in your hair.

In other words, you need to wreck your hair as much as possible, hence the strongest chemical – Bleach!

By bleaching the hair, this opens up the cuticles and therefore leaves the hair with less elasticity, makes it more porous and therefore more pliable. But of course, once the hair is damaged, it cannot be repaired on the outside, and and only be cut off to remove it.

The degree of lift with the bleach is dependant on how ‘wrecked’ and ‘textured’ you would like it to be. Even lifting the hair to an orange shade will still give some texture to the most stubborn hair. Once the hair has been lifted, for those who don’t want to be lighter in color, then a dark brown or black is put back over the top of the bleach.

The idea of this technique is not necessarily to change the hair color but to change the texture of the hair, (hence the application of the darker color on top) and it is not suitable for anyone who wants to retain shiny healthy hair, this is an extreme way to give a very messy look to straight hair, for people who like funky ‘do’s!


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  1. Thank You Bleaching for the lovely compliment : ) I would not mark you as spam when you are just expressing your views, appreciate it.

  2. Well that's Great you wrote well, post well & blog well, but i will not say Thanks to you because as these days comments in the style of appreciating marked as spam so that's why i will not say this. So its Pretty Much Outstanding.

  3. Yes Jennifer, your fella had the most straightest coarse hair ever and he needed to do something extreme for him to get the messy looks that he so liked, and it worked out pretty well didnt it?
    Helen, not for everyone but great if you dont care about shine and condition of your hair.

  4. Thanks to you, my boyfriend was doing this for years and it gave him a totally new (and manageable) head of hair. We got the hipster look without using a pound of hair product! Awesome tip!

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