Black–15 in 1 treatment

15 in 1 MIRACLE treatment


I must admit when I first saw this product describe itself as a ‘miracle’ treatment I was skeptical, of course, it takes a lot to feel comfortable to use that word for a product description, but hey after using it, I feel like they are pretty close in most cases! I have used this product quite a lot so I feel I can give fairly accurate judgment on it.

When I first tried this, becos it was a liquidy spray I felt that it couldn’t do that much, but as I started to blow dry it, I found that even with using your fingers only, the hair starts to feel very soft and frizz free. On finer hair, it almost doesn’t even need the brush, but on afew occasions when I have used it on ultra coarse frizzy hair it doesn’t work so great and even with pulling it through with a brush, it doesn’t quite do it! But for every one in 30 that it doesn’t do that much for, I must admit I have become a fan : )

The only complaint I have is the design and size of the bottle doesn’t quite fit well into my smaller hands. I don’t have the strength to pump and spray with one hand while I cover my clients face with the other, so I have to uncover the face so that I can do the 2 handed spray with one hand underneath. But I guess people with normal sized hands will be fine.

Anyway, FYI, here is their own description of the product:
A deeply nourishing treatment rich in botanicals, proteins and key nutrients, providing total care for soft, silky feel good beautiful hair. Adds shine/softens and smooth’s/detangles/prevents frizz and flyaways/moisturizes/ repairs dry damaged hair/protect against heat styling/seals and protects hair color/prevents split ends/ promotes scalp circulation/stops hair breakage/ strengthens hair/ enhances natural body/ heals hair shaft/ prevent scalp itch.

Available in 2 sizes, 1fl oz and 3.3fl oz.