Biotin – Miracle Hair Growth?

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I wanted to be abit more positive about how I felt about this vitamin before putting it out there.

Biotin is a B-Complex vitamin dietary supplement that promotes healthy skin, nails and hair.
I first heard about this when one of my clients told me she had started taking this vitamin. Her hair was getting thinner throughout the top part of the head and we had to be careful about how we cut the front area so it could frame her face and we had to position it so it would not show the thinner areas. Anyway after she had taken it for over 2 or 3 months I noticed that her hair was starting to thicken up and I was having to take more off the weight of the hair. I was amazed with it so I started to tell other clients with thinning hair about it.

Another client started taking it when I told her about it and lo and behold, her hair did the same thing, it thickened up the top area so that the scalp wasn’t so see-through! I’m not exactly sure how it works as I know that once someone is experiencing hair loss, it doesn’t usually change the root growth but this is exactly what seems to be happening as there is actually more hair coming through the scalp!

Not sure if this works well on women with hair loss only, I haven’t had any men try it out yet but will report back to you once I hear more. I was told that for hair loss the higher dosage of 5000mcg is best, and one more thing… its also good for your metabolism, so say no more, I ran out and bought some when I read that part and started taking it myself!

Meanwhile I now hear Dr’s prescribing it for hair loss too, so now I feel quite comfortable recommending it, after all, its like a little miracle really : )
PS, I should tell you that one client noticed more downy (fine fluffy/launugo) hair appearing on the sides of her face, but I guess that’s easy enough to wax off right? Worth it just for more hair on top I would think : )