Becoming Blonde


They said it couldn’t be done.. going from jet black hair to blonde. Here’s Joni to show you how she did it with a little help from her colorist Jodi Ninomiya, 8 applications and a whole lot of patience!!

Starting with Jet Black hair….

to swampy colors….

Gone is the green, just a lovely shade of orange…

A lovely beige tone….

Finally… Blonde!!!!!


Just one more thing that is needed….. a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude, because no matter how carefully its done, some of your hair WILL fall out, but hey who said beauty doesn’t come with some loss!!!


Stylists tips:

When considering bleaching your hair, remember the more red you have in your hair, the harder it will be to lift, and when hair has had black or brown tints applied, it has to be stripped first, so make sure the hair is strong enough to handle all the chemicals before you start. Even stripping of the hair first will not guarantee an even end result. Also if you don’t want a yellow/orangey tone to your hair, don’t forget to tone, toners are very important after bleaching to give you a more pleasing result, please consult your colorist before trying it, it will result in alot less heartache.