Ballerina’s and Donut’s!

Notice how everyone around us are wearing their hair in Ballerina buns? And I don’t really mean those top knots that I said I didn’t like afew weeks ago. Slight difference in my eyes.. these are more elegant looking whereas the others looked like ‘home hair’ Anyway, I was told I needed to write a post about how best to achieve these perfect shaped buns.. Thanks Sarah Geiger for keeping  me on top of it all!

There are so many different ways to achieve these looks, including twisting, tucking and rolling and so many different positions on the head to put them too. But the one’s I wanted to talk about today is the very perfectly rounded shapes worn on top or near the top of the head.




These can be achieved very easily by using hair donuts (or sausages, as shown above). First, tie hair up into a ponytail on top of the head, (or slightly to the side if you want) Once the pony is secure, choose the donut best suited for color matching your own hair, slip the pony through the center of the donut, split it in the middle and spread the hair around the donut to make sure all of the donut is covered. The ends of the hair is then wrapped around the donut and tucked underneath and pinned into place.

Here are some examples of how the the finished look could result in, good luck!










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