Adding Texture and Body~B&B

Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream:

photo This styling cream used to be one of my favorite products ever! I used it use it on short to medium length hair, apply it to damp hair and dry it in, it created a great ‘texturey’ messy look, that enabled the hair to stick out randomly without being too heavy. It was one of the first products that I came across that actually gave a DRY messy look and not all sticky and wet looking.

Since then though, I found out that Bumble & Bumble have changed the formula to a more environmentally friendly formula, good for them, but alas… the world will be saved but unfortunately not the product, I think it now lacks the hold it once had and is alot runnier… Boo Hoo! We cant have it all can we?

3 Replies to “Adding Texture and Body~B&B”

  1. O wow, Dawn, I must check it out, sounds abit like what I'm doing : )
    Twinkie, there's afew I'll try out on you next time your in.

  2. I agree its not as was. However, the product I now use which is terrific for texture on fine hair and does leave you feeling like your hair has product on is 'Aveda potion' its like a talc you shake it on and scruff up your hair. Wow the results are like magic. LUVIT! dawn murray

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