55 Year Old Rapunzel : 0

Ok now, I know we all love long hair and we all get abit reluctant to cut it off, but when are we too old and how long is too long? I ask myself this quite often as time goes by…

Now here is a lady from Taiyuan, China.  Ni Linmei is 55 years old and hasn’t had a haircut in 14years, Her hair is 8foot long!!!  (Which is longer than she is) so in order to measure her hair she has to stand on a chair! Do you think this look is attractive, youthful or anything at all?

So anyway, I have to admit I haven’t had a proper haircut in the back for about 6years although its nowhere near 8foot and I doubt whether I could ever get that long, so I think I’ve got afew more years to go yet. But dear friends…. if I end up looking like this please someone tell me to get a bloody haircut!!! Thanks!

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  1. No way, I think it’s too long and for this lady I think it’s become what she is all about. She should think about donating her hair to charity!

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