What causes hair loss in women? Part 2

Are surgical hair transplants a treatment option for women?
Depending on the nature and degree of hair loss women may or may not be candidates for hair transplantation surgery. Goals and expectations need to be carefully reviewed in advance of contemplating surgery and if there exists medical questions pertaining to the nature of the loss or its future course, then medical laboratory investigation may additionally be warranted.

Why are some women not candidates for hair restoration surgery?
Hair transplantation involves the relocation of hair from an area of greater density and fullness in the back of the scalp to an area of hair loss on top of the head. Women who have generalized thinning do not possess sufficient reserves of hair to allow for the removal of hair without deleterious effects upon the source of the donation. Additionally in these instances the usual source of donor hair may not contain healthy hair which will survive and grow when transplanted. In hair transplantation, as in many surgical procedures, it is important to balance the potential gain against the possible risks or downside when contemplating a procedure that is not reversible.

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