What causes hair loss in women? Part 1

I recently came across some information on Hair Loss in women and thought you would find it interesting, I will post them all separately so its not too much reading all at once… all articles by Dr. Craig L. Ziering

What causes hair loss in women?
Female hair loss is a distinctly different entity from male pattern hair loss which has a known cause and usually follows a predicable path. Though some women experience hair loss that resembles male patterned loss, others experience diffuse loss that involves the entirety of the scalp. Such individuals are not candidates for surgical hair restoration in that they do not possess an uninvolved area of hair from which to obtain hair for transfer. Other causes for hair loss in women range from medical conditions associated with hair loss such as anemia, hypothyroidism and connective tissue diseases to adverse reactions to medications or deleterious effects of certain grooming practices e.g. tight braiding of the hair which causes traction alopecia.
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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this information with us.. it certainly is a mystery why some people develop hair losses and your story confirms that even something as simple as taking Herbal preparations can sometimes be the cause.

  2. About 7-8 years ago I took echinacea and ginkgo for a short time. Suddenly I developed a bald spot and experience hair loss about the size of a 50¢ piece over my right ear. It appeared in a month or less. I stopped taking both (not knowing which one caused the bald spot) and the hair grew back.

    At that time I read that any medication, including the herbal preparations, can cause alopecia. It’s pretty rare with some things, but it can happen.

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