What causes hair loss in women? Final part

Is Rogaine™ effective for women?
Rogaine or minoxidil is valuable adjunctive therapy for both men and women with hair loss. It does not work in all individuals and only a trial of use [six months ] will give a definitive answer as to it’s merits in any one individual. The exact mechanism of action of this drug is not well understood however it has been demonstrated to be capable of lengthening the anagen or active growth phase of the hair within the hair growth cycle. This translates clinically into healthier hair for a longer period of time. Rogaine is the only FDA approved medication to slow or stop hair loss in women.

Can women take Propecia™ ?
Propecia is not FDA approved for use in women. Women of childbearing age should not take this medication because of its association with birth defects in the developing male fetus. Studies conducted using 1mg finasteride in post-menopausal women demonstrated the agent not to be effective in this patient category. The prospect exists that a higher dosage may be beneficial in this group of individuals, however good studies showing its efficacy and safety are yet to be completed.

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