UPS Sucks…..

A whole long week of phone calls, frustration and disappointments : (

UPS failed to deliver my Juju Chan Texture Powder Styler to the Cannes Film Festival event in time which meant I lost out completely!!!

Their excuse? No such person by that name – Not True, and concierge wouldnt accept it – ??

I did everything possible to try to have it delivered on time, even staying up till the early hours to call UPS France, and calling them every single day for a week, but no such luck.

It has taken them 8 days after I mailed the package to finally get a manager to speak to me and this made it even worse, not their fault, no refund, pay $500 to get the products back, there’s nothing they can do. I shouldve stuck to speaking to the supervisors and others who at least had sympathy and admitted this was a UPS error. Thanks so much Henry Maltez for being such a prat.

If I wasnt so exhausted with it all, I would continue to fight but what the hell, I need to let go and move on, (which I know is exactly what they wanted me to do)

I just have one thing to say to UPS – If you dont know how to go about delivering International packages, dont offer the service!! Simple as that!
And dont pick on the small companies, wear them out, just becos you can, that just SUCKS!

Saddest part about this whole thing.. I wasted time on the phone to UPS when I shouldve been spending quality time with my visiting family members, so sorry for that.

Thanks for letting me vent..