UK Cool Mops (or Not!)

So when I go to the UK (England) I usually get soo excited and stimulated by all the different styles, whether in clothing or in hair, so you can imagine my disappointment this time when I didnt see my usual inspirations! I was hoping to come home with lots of pictures to show you of great hair, but alas, it was not meant to be, I managed to find 4 people who were willing to let me take shots of their hair. But never mind.. what I lacked in pictures of hair, I made up with pictures of great scenery and food : )
I found UK to be like everywhere else in the world this time and I think the world is becoming like ONE, you can find just about everything everywhere, not much individuality left in this world : (
So whether the world really is merging or whether it was just the fact that I was only in London for 3days and I was soo busy shopping that all the cool hair was just passing me by, I’m not sure! But enjoy anyway!