Trimming Your Own Fringe

As demonstrated by Joni Shibata….

Now that nearly everyone and their mothers have some type of fringe (bangs here in America) the upkeep is more frequent and it is important to keep them just so… mainly so you can see. So if you cant get yourself to your hairdresser (who will usually be nice enough to offer a freebie fringe trim in between haircuts) then you should know how to trim your own. You should know that the more frequent you trim it the easier it is, becos if you leave it until the hair has already lost the shape it is very difficult to follow the original lines.

In the following demo video the fringe shown is more on the heavier blunt side, I will continue to show you other videos of different types of fringes. Know that in order to show you all the steps we have kept it as short and sweet as possible.

1. Section the longer hair away and tuck it behind the ears
2. Keep the triangle that the fringe is forming as clean as possible
3. Section the hair into 3 parts – middle and 2 sides
4. Start with the middle section and hold in between the fingers
(note) do not hold and pull the hair tight as it will bounce too much
also it is best to do it on dry well positioned hair as wet hair it dry up too much
5. Cut up into the hair, (not straight across) into little ‘V’ shapes
(note) the more you hold the hair out away from face, the softer the line
The ‘V’ shapes will allow for slight movement in the edges
6. After cutting middle section to the desired length, join both side sections in the same way
7. the outer 2 sections can be either cut straight cross or curved down slightly (your choice)
8. Once desired length is achieved throughout, comb down and clean up the edges.
(note) at point 58 secs in the video, it looks like Jonis poking at her eyes but this is not the case
9. Check outside line to make sure it is clean
10. Good Luck!!

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  1. twinkie…it's more like an acute scalene triangle. depending on which side is the heavier side of your part.

  2. this is good advice, but iv’e always wanted to know how to trim my own daughter’s hair properly, can u do one showing that next ??

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