The Next ‘It’ Girl–Jamie Chung?

My good friend Stevie Wong (check him out) who is up on everything and knows everything there is to know about movies and music and has interviewed every star who’s worth interviewing has spoken…

Take note… Jamie Chung could well be the next big Asian star to emerge from Hollywood. Raised in our hometown of San Francisco, Jamie started her career in MTV’s Real World – based in San Diego. She went on to make movies such as ‘ I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry’, Sorority Row, DragonBall Evolution.

Her next few movies include Sucker Punch (an Action Fantasy Thriller), Hangover 2, and Premium Rush (an action movie with the cute Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Here’s Jamie showing some hair looks and remember to watch out for this cutie and I’m sure as always, Stevie will be right!!!

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