How Hair Trends Have Evolved Over the Last 50 Years ~ Guest Post

Perhaps more than any other style choice, hairstyles of yesteryear provide a glimpse into the culture at large. When you look at photos from any time period, it’s usually the hair that betrays the age. “Look at my hair,” we often say. “It was terrible!”But hair is a fascinating way to categorize the overall style of a certain period and, looking back, we see that the most attractive hairis the hair that has personality without being over-the-top. Take a gander through the decades to see what we mean.

The 1970s: Feathers, Fringes, and Fros

The hair of the disco era was, arguably, a response to the decade that came before. The supremely neat and polished beehives and perfectly smooth flips of the 1960s gave way to a more natural, almost messy aesthetic, with hair icons like Farrah Fawcett and others showcasing feathered cuts with plenty of volumeand shaggy curls. This was also high time for fringy, brow-skimming bangs á la Joni Mitchell.

The 1970s gave us the Golden Age of the Afro(may it soon have a revival), with statement-making, grown-out manes rocked by Angela Davis, Michael Jackson, andDiana Ross. The guys of the 70s were all about sideburns and length, with surfer hair and mustaches making their way to the mainstream. To sum it up, this decade was all about a grown-out, deliberately unpolished aesthetic, and we loved every second of it.

 The 1980s: The Bigger the Better

The 1980s were one of the most infamous eras in hair, marked by the sky-high teased trend that caught on like wildfire and spread to almost every corner of culture. From Whitney Houston’s puffy ringlet curls to the iconic perm of Dolly Parton, in the 1980s the saying was true: the bigger the hair, the closer to God. Side ponytails, poofy half-up styles, andcrimpy hair were also big in the 80s. Basically, anything funky was totally in.

The large, shaggy look permeated to men’s hairstyles, too. In fact, the trend grew into such a bigdeal that an entire genre of 80s music were known as “hair bands.” The heavy metal and glam rock scenes of this decade were dominated by dudes sporting big, puffy hair—permed, crimped, curled, and teased. Throw in a headband and some makeup, and you’ve got yourself the perfect 80s costume to pay tribute to the Golden Age of Volume.

The 1990s: Stick-Straight with a Center Part

Just as 70s tastemakers reacted to the 60s, so, too, did 90s icons react to the 80s. Here, we see a total 360-degree turnaround from the over-the-top, over-teased ‘dos of the 1980s to the ultra-smooth, perfectly straight styles rocked by turn-of-the-century trendsetters like Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Silverstone. Finger waves, micro-braids, and super short styles (think: Halle Berry in “Boomerang”) were big in black hair.

For the guys, the 1990s were just as much about keeping things stick-straight. Parted in the middle or cut into a bowl-shape, the ideal cut during this era was a bit grown-out, wavy, and surfer-inspired, with plenty of blond highlights. Some of the most iconic 1990s men’s styles were rocked by Leonardo DiCaprio at the height of “Titanic” and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (otherwise known as Zack Morris) in “Saved by the Bell.”

The 2000s: Smooth, Sleek, and Spiky

The ultra-sleek, Aniston-style straight hair persevered well into the new millennium, with hot-ironed locks sported by all the biggest style icons of this era, from Aaliyah to Tyra Banks, to Lindsay Lohan. Basically, volume and body were a thing of the past (and, we now know, the future), and it was all about the smooth and flat. Ladies during this era loved to accessorize with butterfly clips, and can you blame them?

Men’s hair of this time period was equally as iconic. This was the time period that we started to see guys rock the frosted spikes—Ethan Hawke, Brad Pitt, Mark McGrath, and Guy Fieri (who, we believe, is still sporting this look)—were all living for this ‘do at the turn of the century. Dudes were also partial to working their hair into perfect fauxhawks—this was the era of pop punk, after all—as well as rocking “emo” haircuts with side-swiped bangs.

 The 2010s: Loose Waves and Clean Fades

It’s the era we’re living in (at least for another year), so it’s a bit difficult to say which hair trends will mark this decade. With that said, there have been a few massive shifts in the way we style compared with the decade before. For ladies, it has been all about the loose curls and beach waves with long hair and no bangs. In other words, the return of volume. Today, it’s all about the gentle painted-on highlights (balayage) as well as funky pastel colors.

We’ve also seen a revival in natural hair trendsamong African Americans in the past nine years, with stylists embracing natural textures and curls. For the guys, this era has been all about reverting to the neat, tailored styles, with perfectly cropped fades and slicked-back undercuts. Oh, and we’ll never forget that this decade gave us one of the most talked-about men’s hair trends of the decade to date—the man bun.

Looking to the Future

Any guesses on how hair trends will look in 10 years from now? We can’t say for sure, but, with the advent of high-tech beauty—from super-realistic extensions to cutting-edge hair growth treatment options—we’re willing to bet that the theme of the future will be total customization. Things like thickness, baldness, damage, and lack of growth won’t be much of an issue, with any hairstyle imaginable totally within reach. We look forward to seeing what the future brings when there are no limitations!

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Guest Post by Sophia Smith

Hong Kong’s Wellness Scene Blossom

Hong Kong has always been considered consumerist heaven, but over the years it grew into so much more. Thanks in large part to millennial trends, healthy living and ageless beauty are being promoted all around, so the world of wellness is developing at a breakneck pace. Asian entrepreneurs and businesswomen are pushing boundaries and showing us their ideas of what fitness and beauty can really be, and we’re all jumping on board because we want to know their secrets.

If you’re also eager to understand the world of Hong Kong wellness and find out how Chinese women manage to retain their ageless purity, take a look at what their wellness scene has to offer.

More women in charge

From Dee Cheung to Dr. Winnie Mui  —women seem to be completely overtaking the Hong Kong wellness scene. Female innovators and business leaders are great news for all of us because they’re eager to make some very positive changes and make everything better, so we’re seeing a lot of new spa centers and salons that aren’t aimed at beauty only, but at our wellbeing and spiritual peace. Yoga and meditation and coupled with steam rooms and cosmetic procedures, so you can always get the full experience. Head to toe wellness, and all of it aimed at making you happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Workout varieties

Sticking to the same old workouts is a surefire way to plateau and stop making progress after you reach a certain point. Since a big chunk of the wellness scene is actually dedicated to exercising, the whole process is made a lot more pleasant because every workout is planned to suit your needs, and you get to mix it up and really tighten and tone your body through variety. In Hong Kong, yoga is on the rise right now, and the multitude of yoga studios is a testament to the success of this ancient practice. If you want to mix up your own exercising regimen, this is one thing you should definitely be adding in.

Using modern apps

Technological advances are also on the rise, and Chinese people really seem to be embracing the modern ways of living. Since most of them keep their phones close at all times, it’s easy to book a spa treatment in Hong Kong using an app to avoid any fuss, especially for those who are always short on time and need a quick way to manage their day. This is a pretty handy little trick that anyone can benefit from—if you like something, check whether there’s an app related to it. Chances are, there’s already a handy program that you could install on your phone and make things easier for yourself. Use it to organize yourself and really make time for those beauty treatments.

Focus on the face

Our face reflects our whole health. If it’s tired, dull, and grey then it makes us look old and weary, but if it’s fresh and rosy, then it can easily make us glow. Simply put, if you want to feel beautiful, you must take care of your skin, and Asian women are very much aware of this fact. There’s nothing like a good fruit acid facial to help banish acne or maybe some microdermabrasion to smooth away texture and wrinkles. While “glass skin” is mostly a Korean trend, it’s also taking off both in China and America, and beauty gurus, wellness enthusiasts, and average ladies are looking for that dewy, fresh perfection and a lit-from-within kind of glow. If you want to achieve it, then do focus on your face during your beauty routine, and don’t be afraid to go to the salon and have professionals pamper it.

Nurturing hair beauty

Strong, healthy hair is very important in Asian culture, and Hong Kong is full of amazing salons that have perfected their skills in hair treatments. One of the most popular trends right now are extensions, so if you’ve always wanted longer, thicker locks, this is one of the best ways to actually achieve the look. DIY hair care is easy and fun, but you should definitely let a pro take care of your tresses at least occasionally. Get a trim to keep the ends from splitting, get a new trendy style to rock for the season, and enjoy having a head full of glossy hair.

More than an indulgence

It’s slowly becoming obvious that in Hong Kong, wellness is no longer an indulgence. It’s not something you treat yourself to when you have a bad day, it’s a whole lifestyle. People invest a lot more in their health, and regular salon and spa visits are seen as a simple part of self-care aimed at increasing the quality of life. It’s definitely not a bad outlook—putting your own wellbeing first can really transform you from inside out, so if there’s one thing you want to take away from the Hong Kong wellness scene, let it be that. It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your mind and body? Then pick up a few tips from Hong Kong wellness habits and start enjoying your spa visits more often!


Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Loss – What You Need to Know

On 3rdMarch of 2015, a study revealed that scalp micropigmentation is the newest modality for cosmetic dermatology. The procedure was deemed beneficial for both dermatologists and transplant surgeons who wished to expand the scope of their practice. Even though some hair loss blogs like Hairverse already provide in-depth scalp micropigmentation guides, it is a relatively new procedure.

Since the inception of this noble idea in the cosmetic industry, skilled personnel have been increasingly making hair loss a relic of the past – the elegance of the results following a successful scalp micropigmentation reflect artistic skills and technical know-how in a manner heretofore never witnessed since the beginning of hair tattoo.

But only a few really understand the specs of this beneficial treatment method for hair loss. What is it? How does it work? Does it have any side effects? Is it temporary or permanent? Is it painful?

Stay put, as we explore these basic concepts about scalp micropigmentation.

What is scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a sophisticated scalp pigmentation process that uses ink to conceal cosmetic deformities of the scalp permanently.

Currently, there are millions of women and men who are suffering from problems of the scalp and hairline.

While these problems can be traced to genetic predisposition, diseases, and certain medications, other people have scalp deformities due to failed hair restoration procedure done before the ’90s or done by incompetent service providers.

Does scalp micropigmentation work for both men and women

Scalp micropigmentation is a proven strategy. Its efficiency is backed by scientific research and physical evidence – including several positive reviews online.

It is a misguided opinion to believe that only men can experience hair loss. Actually, women reach peak hair loss rate of 80% earlier than men at just 60 years old.

Men, on the other hand, reach a peak 75% hair loss rate when they are 70 years old. This clearly indicates that women are severely affected by hair loss when they are still young in age.

Scalp micropigmentation will manage alopecia in men but will significantly improve the density and thickness of hair in women.

How scalp micropigmentation helps men and women

Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss in men. It is a type of hair loss which usually begin at the crown of the head or at the temples.

Male pattern baldness is seen only in genetically predisposed men. There are two patterns to this type of hair loss:

Either the hairline will start receding spontaneously until you have no hair at all, or you may have a single bald spot at the crown of your head.

Female pattern baldness is also a leading cause of hair loss and thinning of hair in women. These patterns of hair loss increase with age and have a predictable pattern.

The expertly tattooed inks of scalp micropigmentation replicate a real head that has just been shaven. In men, it conceals hair loss by the tiny ink dots artistically calibrated in the head.

The scalp can also be pigmented in layers to give the scalp a brilliantly looking scalp reminiscent of the head with recently grown hair.

This is the strategy that is mostly preferred by women who have alternately lost hair. A denser scalp micropigmentation camouflages the regions of hair loss and gives an illusion of bulky and darker hair.

How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent hair concealer. When done appropriately with cutting edge equipment and experienced personnel, scalp micropigmentation offers a permanent solution to hair loss. The procedure is different from the usual hair tattoo which may involve the use of temporary inks.

Is scalp micropigmentation painful?

Most users have stated that they do not find scalp micropigmentation to be a painful procedure. However, there is some little pain which can be well tolerated. If you have had a hair tattoo before then, you should be able to appreciate this fact.

There are regions of the scalp that are more sensitive to pain than other areas. For instance, if your tattoo will encompass the part just above your ears and your temples then you are likely to experience some discomfort.

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 represents the most severe pain, scalp micropigmentation pain is usually graded between 3 and 5. That’s very tolerable for a majority of people.

Conveniently, you can significantly lower your pain by asking your doctor to prescribe a pain reliever during the procedure. Percocet is the most preferred pain reliever by most practitioners in the field of scalp micropigmentation.

What are other side effects of scalp micropigmentation

There are literally no significant side effects reported in people undertaking scalp micropigmentation. However, non-standard clinics may perform the procedure for you using low-quality ink, albeit at lower prices.

Chances are that these cheap inks are loaded with impurities, most commonly heavy metals, which can predispose you to cancers of the skin.


 Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss caused by various factors. The good news is that there are similarly various treatment options for hair loss. However, most of these remedies are overly expensive and may not be easily affordable for the ordinary person. Despite the cost, treatments such as scalp micropigmentation are worth the investment. You are sure of getting quality that matches or even exceeds the amount you paid for the service.

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5 Rules to know before getting Hair Extensions by Mariam Kathet

5 Rules To Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

At this point, we’ve all probably thought about hair extensions. Full, shiny, glorious locks, cascading down our backs and over our shoulders. The kind of hair that you are born with— or the kind of hair you can get by putting in hair extensions. Hair extensions have been around forever and is by no means a new or trendy fashion accessory. They likely are not going out of style anytime soon, so you can feel good about buying in on this trend.

If you’ve never done extensions before, there are 5 rules you must know, and be ready to follow, before you get hair extensions.

Hair Extension #1: Consider Your Lifestyle

When you decide to get hair extensions, there are different kinds to choose from:

  • Clip-in hair extensions— put in and take out yourself every time you wear them
  • Bonded extensions—attached by a stylist using heat or other means for a more permanent hair extension
  • Weaves (or sewn in extensions)— your own hair is braided up and then the hair extensions are sewn in
  • Tape in extensions— a medical-grade double-sided tape adheres the extensions directly onto your hair.

Each kind of extension has different maintenance needs, costs, life spans, and looks. So what does this mean for your lifestyle?

Clip in hair extensions are put in and taken out daily. If you like to wear your hair up, don’t want to mess with styling your hair every day, or work out a great deal, clip in hair extensions might be for you. Bonded, weave, or tape in, are all put in and taken out by a stylist and last in measurements of weeks, not just the day. These kinds of hair extensions are best if you have a look you want for longer, and can style your hair almost daily.

Hair extension Rule #2: Quality is Queen

There are all different types of hair extensions in every price range you can imagine. You might be very tempted by the cheaper products that are on the market. Unfortunately, this just isn’t going to give you the gorgeous flowing locks you’re seeking. Synthetic hair is cheaper, but it is often very glossy and won’t naturally blend well with your hair.

Remy hair is the best kind of hair; all of the strands are facing the same way, from root to tip, therefore it tangles less and lasts longer. Virgin hair means it has never been treated with any chemicals, also making it less prone to tangles and increasing its lifespan.

Though Virgin Remy hair is more expensive, it is worth it. Not only will you get the look you want to achieve, but it will outlast any other type of hair.

Hair Extension Rule #3: Maintenance

If you decide to get bonded, weaved, or taped hair extensions you’ll not only have the expense of buying the wefts (what the different pieces of hair are called), but you’ll also have a stylist put them in and take them out.

It is important that you go to a stylist who is trained and experienced in putting hair extensions in, cutting and coloring them, as well as touching them up after so many weeks. It is not advisable that when your hair extensions start to grow out to take them out yourself. If you do not have a professional do it you risk damaging your hair.

Bonded hair extensions last three to five months, weave and taped-in hair extensions last six to eight weeks. For the latter two, you will have to see your stylist at the end to get the hair extensions reapplied, but you can probably reuse the same extensions. Bonded hair extensions can also sometimes be reusable. Depending on the type of tape, bonding, or weave, you may have to see your stylist every three to four weeks for a touch-up.

Hair Extension Rule #4: Products Are Important

You will absolutely have to use specific products, and they’re probably not products you are already using. Hair extensions must be washed with sulfate-free, non-stripping shampoo. It is also advisable to use extra moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair extensions looking natural.

Using other hair products, like hair masks or leave-in conditioning sprays, is also a good idea. Make sure you ask your stylist for advice on what products to use as well as checking to see if your specific hair extensions have specific products that must be used or avoided.

The brush you use can be important, too. You must be very careful to keep your hair extensions tangle free. Wet brushes can be very helpful because they won’t tug on your hair extensions to pull the tangles out.

Hair Extension Rule #5: Commitment

The golden rule for hair extensions is commitment. If you think you are not going to be able to give your hair the required amount of time necessary to take care of your hair extensions, it’s smart to start with clip-in hair extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions also need to be cared for, but not quite as much as the other varieties. You only need to wash them every 6-8 wears. You do not wash them while you are wearing them, so you only need special shampoo and conditioner for the clip in hair extensions, not for everyday use.

If you think you are ready for bonded or weave hair extensions, realize that you will not be able to slack off at any time on your hair routines. You’ll need to wash and dry your hair regularly, never going to bed with a wet head. You also need to commit to styling your hair every day, as most extensions don’t allow for throwing your hair up in a ponytail without them being noticeable.

Now that you know the most important rules to hair extensions, do you think you’re ready to take the plunge? Will it be clip ins, or are you ready for bonded hair extensions? The best thing you can do before you decide to get hair extensions is research and compare. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Bio: Author Mariam Kathet is a blogger and infopreneur who writes on various topics, including hair extensions. At present, she works on behalf of Perfect Locks.


Does over styling of hair cause hair loss ~ Guest Post by Riya Deshmukh

We ladies love to style our hairs, don’t we? Irrespective of whether we have short-length hair or long-length, wavy, straight or curly, a lot of time and effort goes into having it styled to perfection. And, with new hair styles evolving day-by-day, we don’t hesitate at all in trying out all those styles to find out which one of them suits us the best. Often, during these hair styling sessions, we make use of various hair styling tools, products, accessories, etc.

By the end of your hair styling process, you would have achieved your desired hair style; however, not many people are aware of its negative impact. It might sound surprising, but yes, hair styling can lead to certain hair problems including hair loss.

Can Excessive Styling causes hair loss?

Though excessive hair styling may not cause direct hair loss, it is definitely one of the causes which leads to hair loss problems. Certain hair styles require your hair to be bound tightly and this puts unwanted pressure on the roots of your hair, causing them to break. Similarly, when you use various hair styling accessories such as hair bands, rubber band, etc., to keep the hair style in place, it can also cause your hair to break and fall off.

Most often than not, a majority of the hair styles will require additional hair styling tools and products such as straighteners, curlers, blow dryers, gels, etc. All of these may not cause direct hair loss but they do have a negative impact on the health of your hair. You will notice that prolonged use of these tools and all the excessive styling will damage your hair, making them dry and brittle. Ultimately, the damages hair leads to a bigger problem of hair loss.

This condition of hair loss due to excessive hair styling is known as traction alopecia. Though hair loss occurs majorly due to other factors, excessive hair styling can also be considered as one of the causes.

Does Hair Loss Due To Over Styling Grow Back On Its Own?

The good news is that yes, depending upon the extent of the condition, hair loss due to over styling can grow back on its own once you stop subjecting it to all the various hair styles. However, this is possible only if the hair loss occurred is on a minimal scale. In such cases, it is possible for the hair to grow back from its root on its own. But the time taken for the hair to grow back can take up to a year as well.

In cases where extreme hair loss has occurred due to excessive styling, it would be difficult for the hair to grow back on its own. You will have to visit your dermatologist to find out what treatment can be undergone to improve your hair loss condition.

Treatments for Hair Loss that could be due to Excessive Hairstyling

There are couple of treatments which are quite popular and effective in treating hair loss problems, improving the look and feel of your hair as well as promoting the growth of hair. Below are some of those hair loss treatments:

  • Topical Medications– Base on your dermatologist’s prescription, you can try Minoxidil which is popularly known as Rogaine. This medication is available in foam or liquid form and is FEDA-approved. Effective for people of all genders, this medication is applied topically on the affected areas of the scalp. Though this is an effective hair loss treatment, it can take anywhere between three to four months for the desired results to show.
  • Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) Treatment– The platelet-rich plasma therapy or the PRP treatment as it popularly known as is one of the most popular treatments for reversing hair loss. This is a non-invasive treatment. In this treatment, a small sample of blood is withdrawn from the patient’s arm, which is then put into a centrifuge in order to separate the plasma and the platelets. The plasma is then activated which is then injected into the scalp with an injection. This injected plasma helps in stimulating the growth of hair as well as repairing the damaged hair follicles.  After a couple of sessions you will notice that the hair has started growing naturally from the affected areas.
  • Hair Transplantation– Another effective treatment for restoring back your lost hair is to get a hair transplant In this treatment method, tiny hair follicles are transplanted from one part of your scalp to the affected areas. This treatment also provides natural looking results.

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Excessive Styling?

In order to prevent hair loss from excessive styling, you can follow the below measures:

  • Try and choose the right hairstyle. Avoid hairstyles which put pressure on our hair roots and scalp. Tight ponytails, tight buns, etc., should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Avoid using hair extensions and weaves as these may enhance the look of your hair, they have a long-term negative impact on your hair roots.
  • Hairsprays and gels with long-holding effects could damage your hair as they contain various chemicals. Prolonged contact of these chemicals on your hair could destroy the hair shafts and also lead to hair loss.
  • If you are using chemical products for styling your hair, then ensure that you give adequate time gaps between each of the styling sessions. For example, if you have coloured your hair, you should ideally wait for at least 2 weeks before you get a perm done. Always ensure that you deep condition your hair whenever you subject your hair to such chemicals.
  • Avoid heating tools as much as possible and if you do have to use them, then ensure that you set it at a low temperature.
  • While preparing your hair for any of the hair styles, use a wide-toothed comb to gently remove all the tangles.
  • Before you use a curling iron or straightener, apply a layer of heat protectant.Though hair styling is a part and parcel of our daily lives, care should be taken that it does not lead to unwanted problems such as hair loss. Always stick to hair styles which not only suit you but those which also do not cause any pressure on your scalp. In situations where you need to have a tight ponytail or bun, ensure that you take some time off in between and allow your hair to breathe.If you notice that your hair fall is becoming extreme, then it is best that you get it checked by a dermatologist and undertake the right treatment to reverse the hair loss Author Bio Name: Riya DeshmukhContent Writer – Hair & Beauty Care Expert – With a degree in Life Sciences, I have had diverse experience in writing for beauty and health care domain; with topics like skincare, hair problems, tips and advice being my forte. I aspire to bring change in the lives of people through my earnest and research based articles.


CARLY – every time she comes in to see me she has a different hairstyle, from long to bob to this little cute longer pixie. She looks fabulous with all lengths and is so photogenic. Always a pleasure Carly. #razorcut #pixie #davines #pliablepaste #movement #beforeandafter #sfstylist #asianhair

Men’s Haircuts ~ Guest Post by Sophia Jackson

How the Entertainment World Is Influencing Men’s Haircuts

Looking to switch up your look but still seeking inspiration? Today, it’s time to turn the spotlight on the guys! Here, we’re going to discuss some of the men’s hairstyles that are shaking up the entertainment industry today. Whether they’re brand new or modern twists on classic throwbacks, if you look to the stars, you’re sure to find a look you love!

The Entertainment Industry’s Influence on Fashion Trends

When it comes to onscreen fashion trends, does art imitate life or vice versa? The way that film and television impact our culture cannot be understated, and the entertainment industry’s influence on the popularity of certain hairstyles is no exception.
While people can often name a dozen iconic women’s hairstyles from TV and film right off the bat (Farah Fawcett’s feathered beach blonde waves in the seventies hit Charlie’s Angels, for example, or Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut on Friends), men’s haircuts tend to receive less attention from the general public.
However, that doesn’t mean that men aren’t looking to the entertainment industry for fashion advice. The following haircuts started out on screen, but they have proven quite popular in day-to-day life.

David Beckham’s Faux-Hawk Makes a Comeback

David Beckham may not be an actor, but you’d be mistaken to say he was never a TV star as one of the most popular soccer players of all time. His marriage to Victoria, who, at the time went by Posh Spice, further cemented his status as a celebrity persona.
Now, you may have read the words “faux-hawk” and immediately been triggered by memories of geeky haircuts of the early 2000’s. However, David Beckham continues to be a sex symbol, so his haircut has been imitated and evolved to the present day. Zayn Malik updated the look by increasing volume while closely cropping in the sides, which remains a popular trend.

Cillian Murphy’s Peaky Blinders Haircut

Peaky Blinders, a gritty period gangster drama that takes place on the streets of Birmingham, England in the 1920s, stars Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, sporting a very distinctive haircut. Although Murphy himself reportedly doesn’t see what all the fuss is about, it’s become one of the most popular men’s haircuts of 2017.
What’s so distinctive about the look? The undercut sides and textured length on top look ultra-contemporary, but they are, in fact, correct for the 1920’s. Contemporary and vintage at the same time, the look achieves a certain timelessness that other haircuts can’t quite capture.

Donald Glover’s Soft Afro

A talented actor, comedian and rapper, Glover isn’t afraid to keep his hair uncropped. You came to love him in comedies like Community and as the rapper Childish Gambino. His newest TV series, Atlanta, has received praise from the critics and numerous awards, including two Golden Globes and two Primetime Emmys. Glover’s style and signature haircut suggests a relaxed art school chic.


Will Smith’s High-Top Fade

The 90s are back with a vengeance, and one haircut in particular is resurging in a big way. Will Smith may have played a loveable goofball on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but his haircut left a lasting impact on contemporary hair-styling. The high-top fade, characterized by the tight undercut around the sides of the head and sculpted height with a flat top, has seen many reiterations in the past few years. Will Smith paired his haircut with loud colors and funky prints, but the effect of the high-top fade changes entirely when paired with muted tones and textures. In 2017, the look has become entirely sleek and contemporary.

Mahershala Ali’s Sculpted Fade from Moonlight

The 2016 coming of age drama Moonlight brought tears to its audiences’ eyes, but it may also have inspired a new way to wear a fade. Mahershala Ali played Juan, a Cuban drug-dealer who helps guide the protagonist Chiron through his formative years in Miami. Ali’s hair is a tight fade on the sides with a little bit of height on the top. The look is subtler than the high-top fade, but combined with confidence, it can give its wearer an air of sophistication.

Dev Patel’s Loose Curls

While Patel was significantly younger when he starred in the award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in 2008, he has updated his look considerably with his most recent feature, Lion. Patel now wears his hair in longer, loose waves around his face, and, while the look seems effortless, pomade or styling cream is essential to avoid a puffy shape.
In a decade where close crops seem to be very in style, Patel’s looser look, paired with facial hair, comes together for a playful but mature appearance.

The James Dean Effortless Slick-Back

Of course, any list citing iconic men’s haircuts would be remiss not to mention James Dean’s slick but wild pompadour in Rebel Without a Cause. This hairstyle has never gone out of fashion. When he played Edward in the teen hit franchise Twilight, Robert Pattinson sported a modern take on the style.
This look keeps the volume with a medium length on top with shorted sides for contrast. The classic style is always in fashion, but you will need some pomade and a hairdryer to style it to perfection.
Conclusion: From close crops to unkempt waves, there is no shortage of contemporary and vintage looks for the modern man. With the right haircut, you’ll feel confident and perfectly coiffed in every endeavor.


What is This Braided Eyebrow Trend?!

There’s always something trending in the beauty world. Usually, it’s something no one else actually wears in real life. Instagram has recently bestowed us with another trend that has us scratching our heads — the braided eyebrow. Thanks to a viral post by a California teen, Instagrammers around the globe have been hopping on this new trend that takes their brow game to new heights, literally.

The First Braided Eyebrow

Eros Gomez, a 17-year-old from California, is the name behind the wacky new eyebrow style. While most people had just gotten comfortable enough to fill in their brows, Gomez took things to the next level by posting a braided shot of his eyebrow on Instagram. Only it’s not what you think.

The photo that launched a new trend is actually Photoshopped. Speaking with “Allure” magazine, Gomez revealed that after many products and failed attempts to actually braid his eyebrows, he decided to just take a picture and edit the braid in on Photoshop. Of course, the idea itself wasn’t completely disingenuous. He reveals in the same article that he was inspired by “brow chains”, which are necklaces adhered to eyebrows. Gomez says that he knew people would be trying to braid their brows eventually and he wanted to be the first.

The Eyebrow Craze of 2018

The braided eyebrow is just one perplexing and daring look that’s graced foreheads this year; before, there was the wavy brow, and then the squiggy brow. Now, people have begun styling what is known as the “halo brow”. With a circular formation that (sort of) frames the eyes and draws focus to the forehead, the halo brow look are sweeping Instagram by storm and leaving some enamored and others just downright exhausted.

Can’t eyebrows just be eyebrows? Tweezed, full, au natural — we see you. But it’s hard to imagine seeing an actual person at school or work with their eyebrows literally defying gravity and wrapped around their forehead.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We commend these bold beauty fans for their creativity. It’s difficult to stand out online nowadays since we’ve seen just about everything. The new eyebrow styles and trends springing up across social media are just evidence that with enough time on your hands, some highlighter and a good photo editor, anyone can transform their everyday look into an eye-catching (pun intended) new craze that encourages others to express themselves and try new things.

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Going Bald by Choice and the Truth About Shaving My Head to Make My Hair Grow Thicker ~ Guest Post by Lee Walters

Here’s one for the guys, some interesting information from our guest blogger – Lee Walters from ~ Enjoy!

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a condition that affects so many men, it seems odd that some men would choose to go bald in spite of the fact that they are blessed with great hair. Some would say it is downright insulting to men who have the male pattern baldness gene for one to go bald by choice. But the facts tell a very different story.

Even though men dread going bald as though it is a terminal disease, the fact is that bald men are actually perceived as being stronger, more assertive and sometimes even taller than their follically blessed counterparts.

A Study Conduct by Experts 

In one study, a group of researchers from Barry University in Florida wanted to know why the gene that triggered male pattern baldness continued to survive through the generations even though it seemed to have a negative perception in society. If it indeed has a negative effect on social interaction, then the gene should have eventually died out.

One of the researchers, Dr. Frank Muscarella speculated that male pattern baldness evolved as a way to signal dominance without being perceived as a threat. In this study, participants were asked to rate a group of men on four independent scales – physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity.

The results showed that bald men rated the highest in social maturity and appeasement or diplomacy, and they rated the lowest in aggressiveness. In the metric of physical attractiveness, they rated lower than men with good hair but higher than men with receding hairlines. These results confirm Dr. Muscarella’s initial speculation about bald men being more dominant, at least in perception.

The fact that bald men appear to be less physically attractive than men with good hair does not actually affect their success with women. It is a well-known fact that women do like physically attractive men, but they are equally attracted to men who display social dominance and maturity.

With these facts in mind, it does not seem to be all that strange to shave one’s head despite the absence of male pattern baldness. After all, hair is not the only thing factor that contributes to physical attractiveness.

Going bald is actually a great strategy for those of us who are not blessed with other attractive features like high cheekbones or square jaws. So whether or not you have male pattern baldness, we suggest you give it a shot and see how it works for you. If you have male pattern baldness, then no one will know because you already shaved your head.

And if you don’t have male pattern baldness and don’t like the way you look with a cleanly shaven scalp, then you can always grow it back. However, we think you just might surprise yourself if you take the plunge. If you need advice on shaving your head for the first time, just head over to Lee Walter’s blog ( to see some options for the best razors to shave your head bald.

Making Your Hair Grow Thicker

If you do decide to shave your head, then you may hear a lot of myths associated with it, the most common one being that if you shave your head, your hair will grow back thicker.

First off, we would like to point out that since this article is aimed at men who do not have male pattern baldness, this would hardly be a bad thing. If you find that you don’t like a cleanly shaven scalp, then you would simply let it grow back at twice the thickness!

Unfortunately, this has been proven to be a myth by several scientific studies. You can even think about it logically – if shaving one’s head caused the hair to grow back thicker, wouldn’t that make it the number one treatment for male pattern baldness?

The reason this myth exists is due to the nature of hair growth. The hair that is visible above the surface of the skin is actually a string of dead cells. The live part of the hair is actually underneath the skin and is known as the “follicle”.

Unshaved hair tapers at the end. Shaving cuts the hair off just above the surface of the skin, leaving the follicle intact. When the hair regrows, it initially appears to be thicker because of the straight cut created by the razor. The taper takes time to reappear. There are other reasons that affect this perception as well. Unshaved hair has not yet been exposed to sunlight and other chemicals that may be floating in the air. These exposures do contribute to the appearance of one’s hair. Diet and medication are also factors that play a part in the apparent thinness or thickness of one’s hair.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.44.49 PM
Bruce Willis                                                   Vin Diesel
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.42.45 PM
Jason Statham                                               Dwayne Johnson

Whether you enjoy the shaving experience or just want to get rid of all that hair as soon as possible, we have covered it all so that you don’t have to waste time sifting through tens of thousands of Google results.

Just roll the ATX All-Terrain Razor from HeadBlade over your scalp for a quick and comfortable shave, or use a Merkur safety razor for the closest shave possible. Even if you are not keen on investing in the best tools, you can achieve the rugged look of stars like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with the cheapest shaving foam and triple blade razor. After all, there is a reason that the Gillette Mach 3 is so popular – because it really works!

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of all that pesky hair, put your chrome dome on display, and go out and turn some heads!