Tearing your hair out…

Merry Christmas to all you readers out there.. thought it appropriate to share this post with you, as it seems Christmas is a time where we really do end up wanting to tear your own hair out!!!

Trichotillomaniac – the constant urge to tear out their own hair..
An interesting article I found on The Daily Mail Online about women who literally tear their hair out!!
Estimated to affect between 2 to 4% of the population, (more than a million in England alone) including a small number of men too, which would put Trichotillomaniac (also known as Tricho or TMM) with other conditions like anorexia and anxiety attacks. Almost unheard of by the general public as well as some doctors.
For some this condition is triggered by serious emotional trauma and great stress, However it starts, it becomes meditative and self calming and more often than not, they have no idea they are doing it. They can end up pulling out so much hair that they are left with bald patches throughout their head. Although usually its the scalp that is attacked, its been known for some to tear out eyelashes and eyebrows.
Wigs, hairpieces can help to mask the problem and hypnotherapy can help to control the suffocating impulse to pull.

hair pulling
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