Styling Natural Curly Hair

Asian hair has always been known to most people including myself, as the typical straight coarse texture, so I am so surprised at how many natural curly locks I have come across lately. I figured this was a good opportunity for me to talk about how this type of hair is best styled for great looking results.

1. From when the hair is wrapped in a towel after washing, do not rub vigorously with the towel as this will frizz the hair up, squeeze the hair rather than rub.

2. This is the time to comb your hair, (when it is very wet) as when the hair is dry no combs or brushes should go near the hair. (The reason why it is OK to comb when wet is becos the hair is wet enough to bounce back into its original curl without pulling out the wave too much.)

3. Apply a good leave in conditioner or styling cream, (see stylists notes) Start applying from the ends and then work on the roots last (this will ensure that not all the products land on the roots). Once the hair is covered with products, you may do one of 2 things:

a/ Lift and scrunch the hair up lightly and shape the hair as you would like to see it dry or if you want more definition in the curls………

b/ Take small sections from the hair underneath and work up the head, each small section is twisted to keep the ends more defined. Do not twist too tightly at the roots as it will spring the opposite direction ad loosen up too much.

4. Once the whole head is complete, gently lift and scrunch. Then either use a diffuser or leave to air dry naturally. (see stylists notes attached)
5. DO NOT touch or mess with the hair WHILE the hair is drying… Once dry you can move and fluff as much as you want but during the drying process it is important not to disturb the curls as this will shatter the curls BEFORE they have a chance to set, leaving the hair frizzy.

6. Once dry, either it fluff out (for a crazier look) or just lift and scrunch the hair throughout to give it more lift.

Thanks to Jamie for posing with her lovely locks!

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