Soft Perms..

I seem to be talking alot about perms lately, but that’s because we have been seeing an influx of them coming into our salon (Dekko)

Baya came into Dekko to see Jodi Ninomiya about a soft perm, we all know that perms can be disastrous under the wrong technician but I wanted to share this with you to show you how a good perm should look, especially on Asian hair where it can become TOO curly.

This is Baya before the perm, sorry that the photo is abit dark but you can make out that the hair is pretty flat and fairly straight apart from the curled ends:

Snapshot 2009-12-16 23-25-04The rods that Jodi decided to use were large and medium mixed. The perm solution was Definition by Goldwell, it was for Normal Hair and it was left to process for 25 minutes.

DSC00243Once complete the hair is dried using a diffuser so that the curls are not disturbed, if disturbed too much, it can cause the hair to look frizzy as I talked about in my post about curly hair.


The end result came out great, just enough movement and body without looking too fake or artificial. Well done Jodi and thanks to Baya for posing for this post.

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