Sally Hansen’s Stick On Varnish..

I just felt the need to share my latest experience of stick on nail varnish with you. As a hair stylist I had given up on painting my nails because as soon as I had a painted it on, the varnish would either chip off or become goo-ey, because the ingredients in some hair products would start to strip away the varnish.
Then I came across an ad in a magazine introducing Sally Hansen’s stick on Polish!! This I had to try. So for my first attempt I chose a fishnet pattern and following the instructions and not even being that intense about it.

I stuck them on one by one while watching a movie at the same time. I was so surprised at how easy it was. Once it was pressed on, you then use the nailfile provided and file off the excess length! The hardest part about it I thought was the peeling of the backing, and you also have to make sure you choose the right size for each finger, as I had left a couple of half nails undone.
Nevertheless, I still found it successful and the best part about it was that I tested it with allsorts of products that I used on clients hair and I managed to keep it on (no chips or stickiness) for over a week and it stilled looked good. To remove it, you simply use nail polish remover, I’m totally convinced and I’ll be going onto my lace nails next : )
Here’s other colors that are available and also their ‘how to’ pics:

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  1. Thanks Kelly, glad you enjoyed, I'm really impressed with them, wonder if you can get them in the UK? That lacy one is my next one : )

  2. Great review Jules I enjoyed it, might see where I can get them and give em a try!
    They look stunning 🙂

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