Post Sally Hansen…

I recently wrote a post about Sally Hansen’s stick on nail varnish and went on about how great I thought they were. Well, now I feel it only fair to give you the update on what I thought. As you know, I spent my first 10 days with the ‘fishnet’ look, and then immediately onto the ‘lace’ look for my next 10 days.

I really liked them and enjoyed my time with them on, but a week after wearing them, I noticed how dry my nails had become and they started feeling very thin and weak and were cracking around the edges. So, I hate to say this but although its good to use them on a short term basis, its not good to have them constantly on your nails. I feel as if the nails don’t get to breath hence them becoming so dehydrated!

Oh well, I’ll save it for those special occasions : (