Nina Khazani

I found this artist From the Royal College of Art 2012, who works with cut hair and thought her work was very unique.  Whether you think of it as slightly creepy, you cant help but admit it is very creative. Strange to think that many people think of their own hair as their crowning glory but detached and to actually wear someone else’s on you, I think a lot of people might not want to go there.. right?  Here are some great images that shows hair used as a different  art form as shown by Khazani.

Here is an intro from her own blog/webpage:

A hairy tale

I believe that hair inherits power and beauty and is the ultimate garment growing from within us. It is part of our body,
and therefore part of our identity, it helps us to differentiate ourselves as individuals yet at the same time it is changeable and detachable.
It is beautiful and soft and yet stubborn to work with. It likes to go its own way but so do I.
Sometimes the perfect hair seems to last only for a moment.
Its always in movement and undergoes various transformations. I gain pleasure of controlling it and transforming it into living objects and jewellery.
Through my work I intend to tell stories and evoke emotions by capturing a moment of beauty and making it last longer than a glimpse of time.