New York Fashion Week…

Hey, I never did remember to show you the final choices and picks from the photo shoot we did to promote my Texture Powder Styler did I?

Been so busy promoting it and getting some fab reviews and stuff that I totally forgot! ‘Texture ‘Powder Styler got into the New York Fashion Week Goody bags this week!!! Now howzat for starters : )

The IFB (International Fashion Bloggers) held some conferences this week, so my products were featured in the bags at this event, so lets hope these bloggers give me some post space : )

Meanwhile here’s my final pictures, (one showing the design used for postcards to go with my products) Thanks to:
Claudia Ward for all the photography. Mark Gartland for the design work of the cards and ads. Brande for the make-up. Jodi for the wardrobe and of course Livia and Kerina for modeling.

And here’s one of my actual products..

Texture both colors