My Picks ~ Asian Models Series-2

Paolo Roversi must be one lucky guy!! This photographer gets to shoot these up and coming gorgeous Asian models both for China Vogue as well as Korea Vogue (another post)  This one was shot for the cover of Vogue China:
vogue Paolo Roversi
It just amazes me how similar they look when they have been styled the same, both in the first picture and the punk rock Steven Meisal shoot we showed. at least with the 2nd picture, the hair makes the features of each girl stand out more.
Inside this issue is an article  called Black on Black, Photographs were taken by Peter Lindbergh and styled by Nicoletta Santoro. I Love this next picture of Liu Wen, Tao Okomoto and Ming Xi,  and I  love the hair being casually wrapped and of course Tao’s bowl cut, which makes her so distinct.
My pick - Vogue China Liu Wen, Toa, Ming Xi