Moroccan Oil

It had to be done, it was only a matter of time before I wrote my own review on the Moroccan Oil. Every Tom Dick and Harry has tried it and talked about it, so I was one of the late comers!
To be honest with you, I have never really been into oils for the hair, I have always found them to be heavy, and slick looking! Anyway, we finally decided to carry it in Dekko Salon because everyone in Hollywood has ranted and raved about it and who are we to go against what Hollywood says eh?
11576763-moroccan-oil-treatment-light-and-original- from PRLog125ml


But first abit of Moroccan Oil’s history that I found out. The company Moroccan Oil was discovered by Carmen Tal, a hairdresser who first came across it in Israel after having a bad color job, her relative took her to a salon that used Moroccan Oil on her. She absolutely loved and it and set out to bring it across the pond to the US, wanting to share the benefits of this treatment made with Argan Oil. The woman of Morocco have been using Argan Oil for centuries for their hair, skin and nails. Anyway, after bringing Moroccan Oil to the US, Carmen and her hubbie then bought the company and has since developed it into the hugely successful company that it is today. I guess there was definitely a reason why she had to have a bad color job right? Out of every bad comes a good!
As I said earlier, I was never a believer of oils on the hair, BUT… the very first time I used this product I tried out the LIGHT formula thinking I shouldn’t go with the original as it might get too greasy and heavy, well, I was soo surprised at the outcome, I have become an instant fan!
My client Mindy, has fine blonde hair that tangles so easy, the type that knots up as you are trying to dry it or as soon as you’ve put a comb through it, its tangled again. Anyway, I used 2 pumps on my hand and smoothed it into the hair avoiding the roots at first. I blow dried with the dryer but I was so shocked when I didn’t even need to use a brush on her hair! I continued using my fingers to dry it and it didn’t take long to get the hair looking so smooth and shiny. It had me hooked, I felt like it was some miracle treatment.


Anyway, since then I have continued using it on all different types of hair textures and found that…

1. On curly hair, its great to put some through the curls, leave it to dry and it gives curly hair shine (which as we know doesn’t normally happen because of the way the light hits the waves)

2. On frizzier hair textures, you still need to use the brush and smooth it out with the dryer.

3. 9 times out of 10 it works well on the hair leaving it shiny and manageable but there’s still afew heads of hair that it doesn’t seem to work on.

4. Both the original and light formulas do not weigh the hair down.

But all in all, this product is great and I would recommend anyone with frizzies should at least try it, most of you will LOVE it!