Modern Curly Perm….Maria

Here we have another perm done by Jodi Ninomiya from Dekko Salon, this time we have a much curlier look.
Maria came in with wavy-ish hair, and wanted to have a change of texture. After the consultation, both Maria and Jodi decided that a much curlier spiral look would be better than a soft perm as Marias hair is quite heavy and thick. I would like to add that personally i think Maria looked so good with both hair textures because she wears her hair well with her style of clothing and confidence that Jodi had her job made abit easier because of this factor…
Here’s Maria before the perm..

As mentioned Maria has wavy hair already, her front area was a little bit too short to perm so Jodi wove it out to blend with the parts that would be permed. The perm solution that Jodi used was by Goldwell – Definition for Normal Hair. She used 2 different rods, white and orange colored and it was left to process for 20 mins. The perm rods were positioned in a downward spiral.

As we all know with curly hair, it is so important not to disturb the curls while it is drying, this will ensure you have a definite prominent head of non-frizzy curls. Use a curling cream of some kind and either use a diffuser or leave it to air-dry, the diffuser usually gives abit more lift.

She looks great doesn’t she? Well done Jodi and thanks to Maria for letting me post her looks to share with you all.

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