Miho Matsuura

Its always so nice to see a woman stylist being appreciated and acknowledged for her work as a hairstylist and especially being in an industry full of men. There’s definitely not enough women stylists out there, So anyway I wanted to write a post about Miho Marsuura. I know most of you wont have heard of her unlike America’s most famous woman stylist – Sally Hershberger (responsible for the Meg Ryan ‘shag’) but once you see the hairstyle she created for Tao Okamoto, then you’ll know who she is…

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Famous for giving Tao the ‘bowl cut’ that inspired so many others to have the same look. Miho cut the bowl shaped bob for Philip Lim’s ‘09 runway show. Like with Ning (beauty reporter for Marie Claire below) Miho suggests using straighteners to give the hair a flatter silkier look as not all Japanese hair is straight and smooth.Here she is at work at Twiggy Salon, Japan..

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  1. Yes Vicki, wouldnt it be nice if more of us can have the bowl, and not look like an actual bowl with it : )

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