JujuChan Newsletter Update:

For those of you who subscribe to JujuChan blog, here is my latest personal note.. for any new subscribers, you will only be receiving odd newsletters now and again, this is my attempt to stop so much mail clutter, Thank You.

Hello Everyone,

I have decided to stop with my monthly newsletters as I know we all get too many of them cluttering up our mailboxes. I will however get in touch again  if I feel there is something important to share with you.  Meanwhile I will continue with my monthly personal notes but it will go directly onto my Blog posts. I will also be continuing with my usual posts and hope you continue to check them out on a regular basis. Thank You to all you lovely people who have told me directly how much you enjoy them, its lovely to know I’m not talking to myself : ) 
If you want to follow me on FB instead, you can do so through this link….JujuChanProducts
Its been lovely to chat with you all. See you on my blog instead <3

Jules x