JuJu Chan Photo Shoot..

The other day we did a photo shoot for my new JuJu Chan Hair Product. I wanted the girls to reflect a certain style that I had in mind to represent my product line and of course, for their hair to represent my very first styling product – ‘TEXTURE’ Powder Styler.

We were very lucky to have our Photographer Claudia Ward, Make Up artist Brande, our young helper Gabe and of course our 2 fabulous models Livia and Kerina who all did FANTASTIC work!

And I must also thank Joni for doing the haircut on Livia for me and also Jodi for her lovely wardrobe.

I hope you enjoy these background photos from the fun day we had, it was shot on location at Dekko Salon, and I’ll soon post the actual finished photos that I will be using to present this product.

I was very happy with the result, both girls were styled with my Texture Powder Styler to get their looks. I knew I didn’t want the pictures to look like hair advertisements so I made sure they looked more like fashion shots rather than being ‘in your face’ hair shots, the end result was very sophisticated and hip, yet not too trendy : )

Stay posted for the final results of the shoot. Thanks to everyone for their creative help and vision.

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  1. Thats good to know Vicki, but also good to know is if you have dark hair that is on the finer, thinner side then it would be good to consider using the light shade as this will blend better with the scalp and you wouldnt need to be so careful not to let it show on the scalp like you would for the darker shade.

  2. I have Chinese hair with salt n pepper pure white hairs and the light makes my hair too "white" and a bit too "grey" so I do prefer the dark colour.

  3. I have been using the Texture Powder Styler for a few weeks now and have to say yesterday it was truly tested for it's staying power!

    It has been very hot in London, high 80s with very dry tempertures so you can imagine how hot it was.

    I was running around jumping on the underground train which was like a dry sauna to air conditioning restaurants so my scalp took quite a beating with the drastic changes. My roots stayed matte even when I was sweating away on the train with my hair retaining its volume thoroughout the day! I love the way my hair had a lot more texture too, instead of falling limp by the end of the day.

    I have to admit the application itself took a couple of trial and errors, but once you get the hang of the shake it's really simple and easier to manage than the spray on ones I've used in the UK.

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