Jeff Rustia..

I was inspired by Jeff to write this post because of his creative and artistic nature and his ability to be such a chameleon with his hair and looks. I met Jeff in Hong Kong in the early 90’s and to this day, have not come across many guys who can change and look so good with so many different looks, so I wanted to share with you – Jeff’s ventures of hairstyles : )

Jeff Rustia – not just a hair chameleon, is the president of FRONT TV, which is a Broadcast Design and Branding agency, in Toronto Canada since 1999.
He is also Host of Club Fashion TV, which is an International TV show that features hottest club styles and trends around the world. and if that’s not enough –
Jeff is the Founder of Kol Hope Foundation for Children, the only charitable organization in N.America to help and support special children born with Chromosome disorders and Trisomy-related disabilities.

Impressive, I know, so here’s Jeff Rustia with his many looks… well done and Thanks to Jeff’s stylist.