Individual Lashes..

I’m sure you’ve all tried this at least once by now, I wrote an article in the past about these lashes for an educational website but realized I didn’t share it with you on my blog, so here’s for you Blog readers…

I’ve been to quite afew different technicians to have this done and absolutely love them, as an Asian girl who is obsessed with having longer lashes, this treatment is the best. This particular set was done by Debbie from Lash Lab, SF.

This is where individual lashes are glued onto your own lashes to create drama, length and some thickness. Most will stay on for about 3 to 4weeks if care is taken with them, but in general the lash will stay onto your own lash until your lash naturally falls out during its cycle. Most clients will then go back for refills every 2 to 3 weeks, so yep, definitely a commitment both on time and money.

I must admit with Debbie’s applications I never did the re-fills, I would just do it for an occasion and keep them till they all fell out which for me sometimes would last about 2 months if I was being good.

Before and After pictures:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.28.02 PM

You can see the dramatic difference it makes to the eyes.. make up can still be used but oil free make up must be used in order for the glue to last longer. The process takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on which look you have chosen, from natural look to diva look which is where  each lash will have a lash attached, it is up to the technician to give you the look you would like, mixing in different lengths and choosing the right curl for the shape of the eye.

Here are some pictures to show you how the process is done:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.43.12 PM

Not a cheap treatment, prices can vary between $175 to $350 for the first application and for fills they can run between $65 to $90 depending on where you go. Of course, you can find cheaper ones like with all other treatments but you can run the risk of the glue affecting your own lashes.  Most people will want this to look abit more on the natural side, so unless you want something more dramatic and to go for the showgirl look, take some time to shop around and do a proper consultation. Anyway you’ve got the details, so now you must give it a go, you will LOVE it!