In Style Virtual Makeover..

Well, we’ve heard of them before, online makeovers where you can upload your photo and try out new hairstyles!!

Here’s In Style’s version of it, follow the link and give it a try.

Although fun to do, I have always been quite pleased that we as hairdressers will not be replaced by computers! How can someone make a program that will look at someones hair and face shape and give them a good consultation, or give advice as to how one should style a certain type of hair, or what style should be cut to suit someone the best. Hope I’m not wrong : (

In reality, I feel these programs give a false illusion as the hair thickness, texture, color and everything else is not the same as the person trying out the style, so please don’t take them too seriously as in most cases it wouldn’t do anything but give you a very rough idea of what it might look like if you half close your eyes!!

Thanks to Kelly Cakar for sharing.