Hyphen Magazine Article

I’ve been so excited to share this article with you all : ) The shoot for the section for Asian Hair Offenses was one of the most fun shoots ever!

Hyphen magazine is a non-profit Asian American magazine that features everything from politics to new stuff. You can subscribe to them by going to
Hyphen Magazine.
The full article isnt online yet but I thought I would post this screenshot of my double page spread for you..

Thanks to quite afew people for making this happen:
Lisa Macabasco, Margot Seeto, Andria Lo and Erica Jones from Hyphen for all their hard work, and thanks to Patrick from SoyBaby Photography and Elaine Fujji for the make up in the Hair Offenses section. Models include Seanathan, Ga Wa, Mary Ann and Tamara. And of course Thanks to Scott Klassen from Dekko Salon for his help in styling the mall fringe for me.

Picture 1
Picture 15