Hollywood’s Going Short – Again!

Not sure what’s in the water over there in LaLa Land but everyone seems to be cutting their hair off!  Pixies and Bobs, Pixies and Bobs!!

We know these short haircuts are not new, what with Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus, although we wont count Beyoncé for taking out her weaves and creating news by doing so, but there’s definitely been a slew of new ones…

I first mentioned  ‘news breaking hair inspirer’ Jen Aniston who cut off her hair into an A-line messy bob, one rumor has it, the reason for the chop was to get rid of a bad Brazilian Blowout! (Whoops, there goes business for the BB company..) Other news states it was just for the change, but really who cares, why is Jen’s hair always big news? (as I write about it)


But some of the bigger recent changes come from these actresses who have decided to go for the pixie look, whether for movie roles or because Charlize Theron looked so great with it, I don’t know.. funny how there’s 3 Jennifer’s though?

Here is freshly shorn Jennifer Lawrence who always looks cute but in some of the pics I saw, her hair looks a little like the dreaded hair from Kate Gossellin (Kate plus 8) Eek, lets hope I’m wrong here,

Then we have Pamela Anderson looking gorgeous with her pixie, she should’ve done it years ago cos it looks so great.

Next up is  Jennifer Hudson, but there again, I have a sneaky suspicion she’s just taken her weaves out just like Beyoncé did. But anyway, what do you think of them then?