Hightlights Versus Slices

Ever wondered what type of coloring technique to ask for? Here I would like to try to explain the difference between two very commonly asked for highlighting techniques (with the help of Angie who has had both) :

Highlights – This is where small, even pieces of hair is woven out throughout the head and foil is used to wrap the chosen strands so that the color does not come into contact with the remaining hair. This is one of the most popular methods of color to use for people who want to add some variation and color tone to the hair. (Up to 3/4 colors can be added per time) It is one of the most natural types of coloring and is a good starting point for many who have not ever had color before. Depending on the colors chosen, the result can be so natural that the grow out is hardly visible.
Ideal for: people with fine hair, people who want a very natural look.

Slices – This technique is where slices of hair is picked up and wrapped in foil. The thickness of the slice depends upon the end result desired. This technique works great if a heavier ‘colored’ look is wanted, it can be used throughout the whole head or just in front areas. Because the pieces of hair colored is thicker, the grow out is harder to hide but certain positioning of the slices can help with this problem i.e. starting color beneath the parting.
Ideal for: People with thick hair, people with curly hair, and people who want a more definite colored look.

Thanks Angie, and Thanks to Lucky for doing the colors.

2 Replies to “Hightlights Versus Slices”

  1. Yep the 2nd one is right, Slices are not woven out like highlights, just a thick slice/bunch of hair.

  2. I never knew that! So, the slices are like highlights, but only with thicker groups of hair?

    Or, are teh slices selected differently (ie: collected in bunches, rather than complete strands of hair?)

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